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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Pretty.....unlucky stewardess

Theo was a dashing looking stewardess with big brown eyes , a fair and smooth complexion which many men would love to kiss. She had big boobs that could even act as floating devices if the aircraft ditches in the sea.Airlines employing such girls can lower their cost by not providing life vests on board.
Life was good for Theo and she had a Australian boyfriend.The only problem was, Dick was married and much older than her. Theo had always been fascinated by the ang mohs ( Caucasian) and Dick suited her taste.
Dick was a rich businessman and travelled to Singapore often. He pampered Theo with gifts,jewelries,cash and a private apartment in Singapore. Still not satisfied,Theo screwed around with other ang moh guys during her stops overseas.
It was at a crew hotel in Amsterdam that her romance with a handsome Dutch guy began. His name was Rick and was a hotel worker.Theo did not mind being with Rick even though he was not earning much. They were both in love with each other and subsequently got married in Amsterdam.
By this time,Theo had left Dick and the airlines too.She was quite rich and living in Amsterdam with her Dutch husband. Rick left his hotel job too and the couple went all over Europe on a spending spree honeymoon.
To cut a long story short, Theo was broke after a year of marriage. In order to maintain their extravagant life style, Rick forced his wife into prostitution.
At first Theo was enjoying her new found job but after a while it was a chore for her. She refused to service her clients with the usual enthusiasm and her hubby was annoyed with her. He can't afford to let his beautiful wife quit her job. In the end, Rick beat her up and forced her back into prosituition.
One day, a set of crew nightstopping in Amsterdam got a shock of their lives to find a badly battered Theo with swollen black eyes knocking at their doors. She had ran away from Rick and begged the crew to buy her a ticket back to Singapore with them.
I understand that back in Singapore,Theo had another misfortune. She was raped by a guy in her apartment so it was reported. However, an ex crew told me at first the guy forced on her but subsequently she liked the way he treated her in bed and so continued having sex with him.
It was when the "rapist" decided to leave her that she reported to the police she was raped by him.
I don't know what has happened to the "rapist" .....anyone know about this case?


Anonymous said...

Theo was raped before going to Amsterdam. She was still a stewardess with SIA. The NS man did not 'forcibly' rape her. Because her apartment was in the uppermost floor and that it was not air-conditioned, her room was warm that night. So she slept naked. Although the NS man's main course was to steal, but on seeing her naked, was tempted to take the dessert as well. He asked if he could have sex with her and she obliged. He enjoyed it so much that after the session, he asked her if she could oblige him on another occasion. She agreed to another appointed time at her place. After the robbery of both money and candy, she of course reported to the Police including the coming tryst. The NS man like the fly unknowingly flew into the Venus trap of the Police at the appointed time. An ex Cabin Crew.

Anonymous said...

The link to the report:


-Her Ex-Admirer

Her ex lover said...

To ex admire of Theo:

Did u also have her,hehe

Stories From The Air said...

This Dutchman: is he the doorman?

Anonymous said...

Dutchman was a dealer in casino

Stories From The Air said...

Sure or not? I am not sure what she deserves.