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Wednesday, 15 August 2007

The Killing of MSA (SIA's predecessor) Steward at Seaview Hotel

Way back in 1970,a group of MSA (predecessor of SIA) stewards, a pilot and a police inspector were at the then Seaview Hotel, celebrating the victory of a cabin crew football match.
They were rowdy,drinking and singing loudly,disturbing the other hotel guests and customers at the lobby bar.Some of the crew were as young as 22 years and the oldest was an inspector friend of about 30 years old.

The staff at the bar was not too pleased with their boisterous behaviour,especially the night manager, Jack.

Jack was a hot tempered young man of about 24 years old,from a upper middle class family.He never like these MSA guys.There was some jealousy between him and one these MSA stewards,Fred. This ill feeling arose from a fondness over an Air China stewardess by Jack and Fred.These two knew each other and Fred was a regular at the Seaview bar.

When the MSA guys were presented with the bill just before closing time,they started to questioned Jack about the amount.Most of the guys were already intoxicated. This led to an argument between Jack and Fred and the other stewards.
One of the stewards in the group by the name of Bud "charged" at Jack. The whole group started to "chase" Jack . He had "no choice" but ran into the kitchen , withdrew a large knife and stabbed the on coming Bud.

It was not long before the rowdy stewards realised that Bud was stabbed and collapsed in a pool of blood. In the midst of the commotion, Sam the police inspector who was with them, fired a shot in the air to quell the situation.
By this time,Jack had already fled the scene and Bud laid on the floor,motionless.
A week later, Bud died from the stab wound. Jack was arrested and charged with the murder of Bud.

Jack's family, hired the best criminal lawyer in Singapore by the name of David Marshall to defend him.
At the end of a long trial, Jack was acquitted of the murder charge and released from custody.

Bud's mother was devastated and grieved the loss of her son. Every year, on the anniversary of Bud's death, his mother would publish an obituary in the Strait times. This went on for about 20 over years until until one day, the publication stopped.

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