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Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Strike Singapore Sweep (lottery)

There was this guy, working at the SIA Training Center canteen who won the Singapore Sweep a few years ago. Lets say his name is Robin. He was a retired worker of SIA and took the canteen job so to help his family.Like most SIA workers,Robin could just managed to make ends meet.

Every month, Robin's wife would buy 20 lottery tickets,hoping to strike it rich.
She had been doing this for the last 20 years or so.

It was on one evening,after arriving home from work,Robin had a good feeling.He asked his wife for the newspaper to check the results of lottery draw.
Robin almost died when he saw the numbers that appeared as the first prize in the newspaper,to be the same as on one of his tickets.

He and his wife turned hysterical. They couldn't contain their joy and were shouting and yelling on top of their voices. Well,when you live in a HDB flat,no one really care whether you shout for help or for joy.The neighbours would usually turn a deaf ear.

A few days later,Robin and his wife went to collect the cheque for the winnings.
It was a cool $1.5 million. Right after that,Robin went to his bank to deposit the cheque.It was a long queue and might take at least half an hour to reach his turn. He would be late for work that afternoon if he had join in the queue.So instead of queuing up,he asked one of the staff at the bank whether she could help him. When Robin presented the cheque to the lady, she was shocked to see the figures on the cheque. In a much unprofessional manner she loudly congratulated Robin for she knew that was the winner's cheque.

Robin felt embarrassed but nevertheless grateful. The manager of the bank invited Robin and his wife to his office and offered them drinks.
Over the next 15 minutes, Robin and his wife left the bank.

A few months later, Robin sold their old HDB flat and bought a new house in Bedok.
I have not been back at STC for the last 2 years but I believe Robin is still working there. Ask any of the stall operators at STC and they will point you to a small old man called Rob..., who is their source of inspiration to the win the 1st prize of the Singapore Sweep Draw, now at $2 million.

Latest update: Robin has passed away recently.


Ah Tiong said...

Imagine crew striking lottery. They'll start talking louder on board too..

Sweepstakes said...

Robin died last year 2010.