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Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Ad Giants queue up to give SIA Girl a Makeover.

In the Singapore Straits Times last page,published on 10 January 2007 was the above topic.
SIA or Singapore Airlines,one of the world's finest airlines if not the finest is looking for a breakup with its old advertising flame, Batey Ads.

The iconic SIA Girl brand was created by Batey Ads some 35 years ago and now SIA is tendering out its advertising businesses to the ads giants around the world.
"The decision to embark on a market review is to procure the best services available in the market at the most competitive price," said SIA in a statement.

According to industry players, at least 10 agencies are throwing themselves into the game. These are big boys,both in the international and local scenes.
Some industry players like Ogilvy & Mather Asia co-chairman Tham Kai Meng said the airline's ads which used to be "a class-act," have become "pedestrian" in the last couple of years.
Other says, the current ads are "old fashioned" and "one look and you think you are in the 90s".
Mr. Jorg Dietzel,a branding consultant chipped in:"Batey knows the brand well,it has delivered some great work in the past...If it ain't broke,don't fix it.The risks are too high."

When Malaysia Singapore Airlines (MSA),the predecessor of SIA split up in 1972, Singapore side wanted to keep the then famous brand name of MSA.It was doing very well in terms of service and everything.Unfortunately (or fortunately)the Singapore Govertment and its Malaysian counterpart could not see eye to eye on the running of MSA. Hence,the breakup.

The Malaysian side did not agree to either side retaining the MSA logo and brand and it was a great loss to Singapore.
However, after almost 35 years,Singapore has built up another great brand name in SIA. Was Singapore lucky or was it due to hard work?

What about this time, the advertising thing? Can SIA be lucky or its management and staffs' decision be right and precise to tender its ads. business and part with Batey?
I tend to agree with Jorg Dietzel.....if it ain't broke,don't fix it. That is my 2 cents worth after 35 years with SIA.


Anonymous said...

Uncle bohtong u must be a bored old man with nothing to do but write about ancient gossips which ppl are no longer interested to read. If u r so free why not spend ur time doing something useful like doing charity work instead. You claimed to hv worked for SIA for 35yrs at least be grateful that u had a job then I guessed if it was that bad u wouldnt hv lasted that long so please dont bite the hand that fed u for 35 yrs.

uncle bohtong said...

How do u know i am not doing charity work?
Let me ask my audience whether they are no longer interested to read my blog or not.
Did I bite that hand? I luv dat hand so much and am eternally grateful to IT!
Tell me where did I bite it and i will show u in this blog the affection i had for SIA.
Btw, thanks 4 taking time to comment...hehehe

ying said...

an interesting blog u have....

wld like to ask is it true tat SIA only recruits girls from sg age 26 n below?

and SIA prefers freshies out from poly as easier to train?

thanks a lot! cos i am interested in becoming a cabin crew with SIA..


boh tong said...

Hi Ying,
Firstly,thanks for the compliment.
No,its not true thst SIA employs only 26 yrs and below. Of course,U must not be too old like me..hehehe
As for yr 3rd question,it is quite true.
Good luck and hope u will be successful.

Katherine said...

Hi Bohtong,
I haven't visited in a while - the green background looks good.

This is an interesting development. As u know, the original creator of the SingGirl has retired as have the gang of creatives involved. Maybe that's why they feel like changing.

I received my 2007 SIA calendar featuring different SingGirl campaigns from the past. Do you know how they (the ad agency or marketing people) choose the girls that appear in the ads? Bec. I noticed that there isn't a fixed "look" - I mean all are girls are obviously attractive i.e. photograph well, clear skin, white teeth, but the aesthetic seems to change with the times, e.g. from more Chinese to more exotic looking girls. From very glam to very natural.
Some people used to complain that the ads always seemed to favour featuring the more Chinese looking girls. Do you agree?

boh tong said...

Hi Katherine,
Oh ok, the green background is better huh?I thought of changing back to white but now hmmm.....ok I will stick to green then..hehehe.
I know Ian Batey has retired and the company was sort bought over by some1 else.Anyway I think they know better.
Ok ,what they usually do was, ask for volunteers (SIA Girls) to model for them. Of course most importantly, these girls must be at least quite good looking. Then they must not have any bad work records like taking too many MCs or had disciplinary actions taken against them.
Favouring Chinese girls? I don't think so. SIA management is fair in this aspect.

Anonymous said...

lolita said
YO uncle bohtong if u luv SQ so mch mayb u can volunteer to bcm Sq ambassador like they hv family life ambassadors at MCYS.. What do u think??

Anonymous said...

BTW uncle bohtong ur juicy stories so jaded la like history vry dry. Why tell stories also abt those dead ppl nt nice to talk abt them la let them RIP or theyl haunt u. U left Sq so long ago so plz dont KAYPOH and answer on behalf coz thgs hv change alot my man!!

Anonymous said...

READ TIO HO LA!!! Dun like to read what you are reading, please dun waste your precious time here. Kekeke!!!

boh tong said...

Ok 1 by 1, I will asnwer u all.
1)To Lolita first hor (ladies first ok?): SQ ambassors? No way would SQ want me...too old leh!!!
2)ppl asked me question i answer lor..or u want me to say "don't be stupid and ask me cos i left SQ already" Aiya U why so mean one?
For the dead,they RIP better cos I champion their cause..I didnt say they were wrong did i?
Haunt me? they will haunt u instead!!! hehehe
3) READ TIO HO LA U ar rite man...dont like dont waste time coming and read loh kekeke ....U TT rite?

Anonymous said...

Haha, I work in SIA and things are still the same, they havent changed so this website is still relevant. The only change is that it has an over-emphasis on cost-cutting now as compared to 10 years ago for eg.
Cabin Crew used to have longer nite stops, nowadays it's 24 hrs or 48hrs at overseas stations and you go on board again. Other than this, the history is still relevant.

boh tong said...

No need for me to say anymore. Let those still working for SIA testify whether what I said was relevant. Me, after 35 yrs with SIA, not only know the Co. well enough but can even smell when it farts in Spore, mile aways like in USA or Europe. If after 35 yrs being yr bed partner and don't even know her 'screwing' habits,then u ar in deep trouble, my ignorant friend/s!

Anonymous said...

Alamak!!! How can i miss out my signature TT wor??? Seee!!!! uncle boh tong hardly know me and yet he already can sense and recognise my style of writing.

35 years in a company. Need i say more??

Shiok!!! i like your style uncle...ONE BY ONE, REPLY. Hahaha!! TT

boh tong said...

TT, ty, ty, wah, i need more supporters like u leh, not like somebody who after reading my blog tried to 'hantam' me..sigh..sigh..write also wrong,dont write also wrong...hehehe forum is back already TT.