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Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Conversion Course ( A310/B747)

After passing their Basic Course exams, the girls then proceeded to do the Conversion Course with me.They were to learn the A310 and B747 aircraft galleys, cabin and toilet layout as well as the switches for ovens, cabin lighting, aircraft and passenger configuration. Also included in the lessons were meal and drink service, ground preparation, boarding and seating of passengers etc.As a trainer, I had to prepare these girls and equip them with all the necessary knowledge and skills to pamper and look after the well being of our passengers.These tasks were challenging to the girls as well as myself,since this was my first batch of trainees.The girls learned through stand-up lectures, role plays, drink and meal service simulations which we termed as "wet run" etc.We did not have computers back then unlike these days, the trainees learn through "CBT" or computer based training.Nowadays, there is less interaction between the trainees and their trainers. Another setback is they do not have the expertise of the cabin crew executive. Instead, they were taught by senior operating crew who knew very little about training.It is a sad thing for the trainees because they are not given the best training.During those days, the trainees got the best training. The CCEs were better trainers.

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