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Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Poor Mrs Dutch Stewardess.

An interesting development has taken place concerning my earlier article (15 Oct. 2006) on the above subject.
In that article,I stated that Theo,the stewardess who was married to a Dutchman, was raped in Singapore after her she ran away from her husband.
However, a reader has just posted a comment regarding the subject and claimed he/she was also an ex cabin crew of SIA and that Theo was raped while she was still flying as a stewardess with SIA. This reader's version of the above story is even more juicier than mine.
Below is the reader's comment:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "POOR MRS. DUTCH STEWARDESS.":

Theo was raped before going to Amsterdam. She was still a stewardess with SIA. The NS man did not 'forcibly' rape her. Because her apartment was in the uppermost floor and that it was not air-conditioned, her room was warm that night. So she slept naked. Although the NS man's main course was to steal, but on seeing her naked, was tempted to take the dessert as well. He asked if he could have sex with her and she obliged. He enjoyed it so much that after the session, he asked her if she could oblige him on another occasion. She agreed to another appointed time at her place. After the robbery of both money and candy, she of course reported to the Police including the coming tryst. The NS man like the fly unknowingly flew into the Venus trap of the Police at the appointed time. An ex Cabin Crew (23/1/07)


Anonymous said...

ar u sure your reader wasn't the rapist? How did he know so much in details?

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Lolita said...
Ya la alot of bull just bluffg la he...