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Thursday, 18 January 2007

Suwah, The High Roller Stewardess.

Suwah was an absolute beauty. She was fair in complexion and always wear a warm smile on her face.
However,behind that lovely and feminine smile, was a girl with a compulsion for gambling.
Due to her lust for the thrill of gambling,be it punting on horses or playing baccarat in the casinos,her SIA salary wasn't enough.
In order to maintain her lifestyle, Su had to have rich boyfriends.
It wasn't difficult for her to be hooked by rich passengers or any wealthy men for that matter.
In her 2nd year with the airline,she was intimately involved with a local jockey.
She made and lost a bundle through punting on horses. Her jockey boyfriend gave her tips but it didn't do her any good most of the time.
Then Su ditched her jockey boyfriend and got involved with an elderly business man,John.
John was filthy rich and made his money through his spice trading companies,inherited from his late father.
Su was with John for a few years. She would have scrounged at least $5 millions from him in those few years. But that did not make Su rich. She lost all that she got from John through gambling.
Su gambled from Genting to London, Monaco and Las Vegas.
She was a high roller with all the casinos.
When The Bellagio,New Aladdin and other mega casinos in Las Vegas opened for business,Su was invited as a VIP guest,with all expenses paid for by the hotels.The hotels loved her. Who wouldn't anyway?
One can imagine,the millions Su had donated to these casinos.
She went into debts,yes heavy debts and by this time,John had enough of her nonsense and they broke up. Around this period,Su's contract with SIA had terminated.
Remorseful over what she had done, Su went and helped out in charities.
Here,she fell in love with Alex, a former drug addict who had also turned over a new leaf.
Alex is a talented gospel song singer and together, they made recordings of songs and sell them to help the charities.
They were married last year.


Anonymous said...

Was this stewardess featured in the newspaper last year,with her husband who was a drug addicts turned gospel song singer?

BT said...

Hmmm...what do u think?

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh! read tio ho la, dun make boh tong reveal identity. Not so good u know.TT

Anonymous said...

aiya, u know i know la.

boh tong said...

Ayioh, what are u all talking about? hehehe

Anonymous said...

I dunch know wor, you know meh? Keke TT