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Wednesday, 14 February 2007

A Trainee was sacked because of .............

In my entire years of training, one of the saddest things I had come across was the sacking of a female trainee.
Molly was a very bright girl of about 20 years old. She was sweet and bubbly,a kind of girl who would make an excellent hostess to her guests.
Not only was Molly gracious in her mannerism, she was kind,thoughtful and considerate towards others.
All her trainers had decided to nominate her as the best trainee in her class.
But something happened!
Someone had sent a letter to the company stating that Molly was a mother of a 2 year old baby girl back home in Malaysia.
SIA had asked the trainees about their marital status before they could be employed. If any girl was married, she would not be employed as a stewardess let alone being a mother.
Naturally for Molly, she didn't lie in her declaration form. She stated she wasn't married and that was the truth. She was a single parent.
Well, Molly was asked by her bosses whether she was a mother. She admitted she was a single parent.
The result was,Molly was fired!
Strange as it may be, that happened in the 1980's but I had just received a note from an ex crew telling me that another Asean airline fired stewardesses who were pregnant while being a crew.

Reproduced here is the note from the ex crew:

Hi BT,
if I may call you that.Stumbled unto your blog from Zorro..
Well , these days, when I have the time, I chek in on my visitor update, and try to tell each and every one person that I know about MAS, yes that airline upnorth from Singapore, not worthy of mention!
No! I am not saying it because you are a (former?) SQ Crew, but simply because there are goons running it!I gave up flying (7.5 years) after coming across a situation that I felt I was marginalised....BloodyF*&^%$G A!
To be accused of MIA when I bloody damn well know I have accounted for all my MCs! You may know what that means!
Hope to exchange stories with you one drop in
My wife is taking MAS to court for wrongful dismissal!
tonyyew a.k.a alliedmartster


muststopthis said...

Hi BT,

THanks for the mention. Now there is another reason to NOT FLY MAS! Please tell everyone, that this Airline based 368 Km north of Changi, is a Gender Discriminating Airline, and they do not deserve the hard earned money that people save up to travel.
Why? They advocate ABORTION! YES!
How else would you term, give up your pregnancy or save your job? I must be naive to think that they mean...err....Would you like your job or start a family? Is that even a choice?

I miss flying, actually, but I don't think MAS deserved my commitment!

Tony Yew a.k.a alliedmartster

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,
No problem. I hope to cover more of yr topics.
Hey,why don't u and yr wife write some interesting stories about yr flying experiences huh?
Regards to U and wife too.
Have a pleasant evening Sir. :)