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Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Air steward made fun of a serious situation

27 Feb. Online Forum, Straits Times.
I was on SQ231 bound for Sydney on Feb 24. Upon take-off, the baggage compartment above my seat started leaking. Droplets of water started dripping down directly onto my forehead.
I signalled for the air steward on duty to assist me with the problem. However, my request was met with disdain.
The air steward cheekily told me that I had two options. The first was he could provide me with an umbrella and the second was he could provide me with a raincoat. I am not sure what his intention was in giving me this response as I did not find my situation then funny.
I asked him again to be serious and requested him to do something about the leak. I added that should he fail to provide a solution, the least he could do was to provide me with a free upgrade. His response was that he will accept credit card or cash upfront.
I am very disappointed with the service that SIA has provided me with for my trip to Sydney. The air steward that I approached was not serious in his service.
Instead of addressing my situation immediately, he preferred to create a joke out of my plight. Although after a repeated request, he decided to use a piece of tissue paper to stop the leak, I found it preposterous that he displayed such behaviour unbecoming of an air steward.
If Singapore Airlines want to maintain its world-class standards, such behaviour from its cabin crew cannot be tolerated. I failed to notice the name of the air steward but he was serving the first few rows of Economy Class.
I hope Singapore Airlines will look into this matter as I believe such behaviour from the cabin crew will seriously undermine Singapore Airlines' effort to be the number one carrier in the industry. For other online letters click here
Sing Keng Loon
Sydney, Australia


Anonymous said...

What a coincidence!!!

I was on the same flight this morning 0030 SQ231 8 Sep and was sitting around the 30+ rows. WShortly after the plane tookoff, I saw a passenger complaining about an aircon leak above him too.

Makes me feel like they knew it was a problem but just did not fix it!

Boh Tong said...

Did the crew give the passenger an umbrella?...hehehe