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Thursday, 8 February 2007

Cabin Crew Story from Malaysia Airlines System.

This story was posted by a Senior cabin crew from MAS in my forum page
Posted: Wed Feb 7th, 2007 07:52 pm

Hi BT!
Yahoo connection stinks hence the delay in posting!
Wah liau! I tot only MH had stories like these. . .but this one is a classic.
To lighten up a bit, I will share with you one about MH . . .

Heard of the 'Panadol' Man? Well, there is this IFS (Inflight Supervisor) in MH, and he use to 'try' on all the new crew. There was a lul in intake at one time, so he tried this trick on the FSS's! He would call up pretending to have a headache, and would normally ask for some 'Panadol'. As soon as the victim opens the door, he would invite himself in and try his tricks from A-z....

Hence the name 'Panadol' Man stuck to him!

Fancy that eh?....Next.....The Laundry Man!

rgds, North of Changi, Tony Yew a.k.a Alliedmartster

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Allied said...

BT...LOL correction Ex Crew...
Not that senior then, but my batch mates now are IFS's...LOL