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Tuesday, 27 February 2007

The Disabled Passenger.

If you were to hear this story,you wouldn't know whether to laugh it off at the stupidity of the crew or get mad with them.
On a flight,there was a disabled passenger who couldn't walked .He was wheelchair bound. So he needed assistance to visit the toilet.
In the middle of the meal service,this disabled pax wanted to visit the toilet for a pee. He asked the stewardess who in turn asked the leading steward. It was a difficult time for the crew as the meal service was going on half way and the meal carts had jammed up the aisle.For those of you who had flown before,you would notice that during the meal service it would be difficult for you to squeeze through the aisle to visit the loo,let alone a disable pax who needed assistance.
The leading steward,in jest,told the stewardess to give the disabled pax an airsickness bag to pee in it.
The "instruction" was carried out to the letter. You can imagine how pissed off that pax was.
A complaint went up to the airline top management and actions were taken against the two crew.

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