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Monday, 26 February 2007

It depends on who runs the show.

In cabin crew division,like in other places,it all depends on who the head was. If you got an incompetent donkey to run the company or whatever,then you would have a bunch of asses working for you.
Look ,when Eddie J. was the SVPCC, cabin crew division was a better place to work. Eddie helped a colleague of ours to stave off brankrupcy (although that guy was made a bankrupt later on) whereas his successor sacked that colleague.
There was no consistency and his successor lacked the "milk of human kindness",to quote Shakespeare whereas Eddie had a heart of "gold".
Yap Kim Wah was brought in from Cargo to Cabin Crew side when our crews' morale was low and Yap succeeded in turning cabin crew division around with thousands of letters of compliments from our passengers, in the 1980s.
We are always thinking in the interest of SIA or else this point would not even be worthwhile mentioning in this blog.
SIA is a good company to work for and most of us had spent more than half of our life time,working for it.
To turn the declining standard of service around,I would suggest re-opening up the position of the CCE (C/T)(retitle it if you want to save some face). There is no need to re-employ old people like us. Get new ones,maybe the young grads. to work as cabin crew for a few years and then promote them. What I am saying here is,there must be a distinction between the crew and the CCEs. Using the IFS to replace the CCE(CT) is a grave mistake and the reasons are obvious.
We are concerned at the way the service standard is spiralling downwards.
If anyone think that this blog's intention is to discredit my beloved ex-employer and has very valid points, I will shut down this blog.
May SIA be the Number One airline again is our prayer!


FS said...

The big problem is the new promotion base on longer loyalty like before. No one want to teach the junior. What's the point put in so much teaching them end up no promotion for him/her base on 15mins interview. SAD!!!! implement by the stupid SVP who kena sack lah......

Anonymous said...

fs, you are so right! good teachers and coach may not interview or talk well. SQ need to change the process for promotion. Sacking the SVP solve an immediate problem. Getting rid of the legacy and system this guy put in place have to be top priority. Otherwise service will continue to deteriorate....BL

Anonymous said...

Wahh.... do not that about that Sim fellow.... he is insensitve, a scumbag and low down...

Sorry for the typo and language..but he is a #$^^$#$%^#