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Monday, 19 February 2007

Japanese Girls Make The Best SIA Girl.

The following article, like all others here, are my personal views. They may not necessarily reflect that of Singapore Airlines (SIA) nor of anyone,not even my ex-colleagues.
As trainees and flight stewardesses/attendants in SIA, the Japanese were the best. They treasured their flying jobs and being a SIA Girl or for that matter, any airline stewardess,brought together a lot of pride and glory to the family. In Japan, an airline stewardess commanded a social status as high as that of a medical doctor,I was told.
Only the best were considered suitable for the stewarding job, besides acting and TV news casting.
The Japanese trainees were not proficient in English. However, they would work hard at it during the 4 months of training stint in Singapore. All of them would bring into the classrooms,dual language dictionaries ( Japanese to English vv ).
I had taken Japanese girl classes and most, if not all, passed their exams with flying colours. Their weakest in the class could easily beat the best in our local classes eg. lowest score for Japanese 91% and the best for local 90%
Discipline wise, they were also better. Some of the classes I took, would not even leave the classroom after I had dismissed them, at the end of the day,until I leave first.
As for the local and other nationalities,they would already be busy packing their notes,manuals etc. long before dismissal time.
In my next posting,I would talk about them as serving or operating crew.

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Anonymous said...

Japanese man is very respectful too. You have learn the subleties of the Japanese way. He will say yes to everything a boss says. He may not do everything even though he seems to have agreed. BL

Anonymous said...

U are absolutely right here BL.

Anonymous said...

hello ((:
been reading your blog these days and it really help me understand more bout SIA.

SIA is recruiting now, bout how long will the next one be ?

Anonymous said...

Thank U for visiting my blog. As for the next round of recruitment,
Interviews will be conducted on 4 March 2007 at:

Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel
2nd Level – Ballroom 2
39 Scotts Road
Singapore 228230

I will post it now in this blog for more infor.
boh tong

gsl said...

Read that the japanese are very polite too. Made me wonder why they don't apologise for the WW2.

Anonymous said...

They are a proud race and they feel they had done nothing wrong.To them atrocities is part of war.Thats my 2 cents worth and how have u been GSL? Did u read my comments in yr blog recently?

Anonymous said...

Hi there.

I do not agree that JSS make the best crew. Many of them may show great enthusiasm during training but it is because it is "expected" of them to be so.

If you understand Japanese culture and social norms, "expectation of one's behaviour" is a biggie to them.

Many of my classmates, the JSS, only pretend to understand the trainers, pretend to flip through their dictionaries, but in actual fact, have no clue what the class is about.

They rely on us to tutor them, and because they are polite to us, we willingly tutor them.

But once they start flying, they are usually lazy and display only their great pretence skills - busy acting busy.

It is a known fact amongst all cabin crew that foreign crew are generally lazier than local crew, and in alot of cases, foreign crew includes the malaysians as well.

In fact, the japanese and korean girls often make the top of the list as the laziest. Their work is often no good too. This would include service procedure and product/company knowledge and staying abreast of current affairs.

I agree and stress that the japanese are an extremely polite, charming and cute bunch of people, and they are good at making people like them. But when it comes to work, when it comes to labelling them as the best SIA girl, I beg to differ. They may have been wonderful during your time, but that was a long, long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feedback that JFSS do not make good stewardesses like I had the impression. But,u are entitled to yr opinion and I respect that. What about Indian and Indonesian gals?

Itt said...

I just got of SIA flight narita-singapore. I could not agree with you more. I took many SIA flight but the one with Japanese crew always impress me the most.

Anonymous said...

Are the JFSS crews provided accommodation in Singapore? Do they stay in condos or HDBs? Does anyone know where they stay?

Anonymous said...

SIA Japanese stewardesses are not given accomodation.They stay in HBD and condos.

boh tong

Anonymous said...

Any idea which condo do they stay?

Anonymous said...

Bayshore Park!

Anonymous said...

Lol are you going to stalk them T_T