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Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Operating crew (stewardesses)

The Japanese Fss attracted the least complaints from passengers (% wised) compared to other nationalities. They also took the least medical leave.
Medical leave were put into different categories by SIA cabin crew management.
There were the 'casual medical leave', and the 'non-casual medical leave' types. Certain infectious sicknesses eg. dengue fever,mumps,chicken pox etc were considered as non-casual as well as sicknesses requiring hospitalisation.
The casual MCs.(short for medical leave)were those taken for flu,headache,stomach cramps due to menstruation,vertigo etc.
The crew would be given demerit points for acquiring too many of the casual MCs and would lose out in their promotion chances,non-renewal of work contracts etc.
Coming back to the nationalities of FSSs, who took the most casual MCs in term of percentages and order ,were the Singaporeans, Malaysians, Indians,Chinese, Indonesians,Taiwanese,Koreans and the Japanese.
Today, the order may have changed a little but it would still be the Japanese who would take the least MCs.
As for complaints received, the Chinese FSSs received the most and then next were the Singaporeans,Malaysians, Indians,Taiwanese,Koreans,Indonesians and the Japanese.
The above statistics may differ from what I knew when I was still with the company. Well, I am sure I will receive comments or latest update from the crew soon, as a result of this posting. Please note, I welcome all constructive comments.


Anonymous said...

What abt the stewards?are they mc kings too?

Anonymous said...

Generally,the guys do not take many casual MCs compared to the girls. Of course,there are the bad apples too but far and few.

Anonymous said...

may i ask how about if someone were to fracture or injure their foot or hands? would that be non casual or casual?

Anonymous said...

Non casual lah