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Tuesday, 20 February 2007

SIA cabin crew ( Stewardess) recruitment information.

A number of our readers asked me when would be the next recruitment for the SIA Girl. They were also interested to know what are the criteria,qualification etc. needed. The following may be of interest to them.
Local Flight Stewardesses interview will be conducted on 4th March 2007 at:

Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel
2nd Level – Ballroom 2
39 Scotts Road
Singapore 228230

Click here for more information.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the info uncle bh (:

but if i cant make it for 4 march when will the next round be?
and i heard the swim test is jumping down from a mockplane and swim backward..true?

Anonymous said...

U hve to check with d same webpage.
Yes,u wld hve to jump into the pool frm the mockup but with life jacket.
Uncle BT

Anonymous said...

hi there!
do you know the age limit for a trainee stewardess?

i am 28 and my friend is 32. don't know it SIA take in female ages like us.

thanks... =)

Anonymous said...

Officially SIA do not place an age limit.However,if u look young n suitable for the job,they will take u.

Anonymous said...

yo vivian,
u and ur friend sld save urself from embaressment. SIA do not take in girls as old as both of u. the age limit is 26 years old, and even then, they rarely take in 25, 26 girls.

keep in mind that SIA recruits every year in the local polys for the graduating 3rd year students. so it goes to show that SIA wants YOUNG n FRESH girls, not older girls.

sorry that i am being very frank here. but it is better for me to let u know than both of u making a wasted trip.

cheers! leo

Anonymous said...

Hi Vivian, Leo may be right but I was an interviewer b4 and I know what my ex colleagues will be looking 4. No harm trying cos we had recruited 25 and 26 yrs old girls b4.

venus said...

can i know the criteria of singapore airlines?Actually I have fail on yodey interview. Do I still have a chance. I really dissapointed to myself