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Friday, 9 February 2007

SIA to learn from Crazy Horse?

There is an article contributed by Ms Chua in the Straits Times today pertaining to, once again, the much talked about subject of the SIA Girl.

She argued that SIA has to be careful not to go the way Crazy Horse did in Singapore.

In not so many words, Ms Chua is saying that SIA is sexist,using the femmine charm to lure its customers.

One of my blogger friends agreed with her and in his blog, Kthinking ,he posed this question,"..Why Singapore Airlines is so sexist? I noticed 90% of the time the crew chief is usually a man in his 50s. With such a huge population of female stewardess, why only men reach the top of the crew...."?

This blogger friend of mine is one of the top men of Fortune 500 responsible for Asia. He is also a PPS passenger with SIA.

We can argue till the cows come home but in the final analysis SIA, with one of the best management people in the world would decide the fate of the airlines.


Anonymous said...

Lolita said...
uncle tell ur frn that the girls gt married smtime along the way n left but the guys got married too but hv to work n support the family. Im sure after being so long there u shd hv enlighten him. Ahh uncle u shd hv help out here u SHD knw too. Change the Sigapore GirL icon? why fix smtg thats nt broken????

BookLover said...

Lolita, statistics show that more than 50% of women continue to work after getting married. So assuming if 50% is married, the population of stewardess still outnumber the steward. The policies and other conditions can explains why females has higher turnover e.g. mandatory retirement at 35 if you are female, grounded if you are overweight, etc, etc. Granted some policies has been modified like the retirement age but they are still not friendly to the Singapore Girl.

BookLover said...

Lolita, I just read my comments and realise I made a typo. It should read "...assuming if 50% still working after getting married, the population..."

Anonymous said...

Lolita said..
Thats bec sm for them marry big fish or leave the country to flw their spouses thats why.