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Sunday, 11 February 2007

SNY ( observation) flights.

After passing their Conversion course and SEP (safety,equipment procedures),the girls went on their sny flights.
SNY is supernumerary or in layman's term,observation flights. The trainees were rostered, 2 or 3 of them together at a time and flew the same flight.
There was a lot of excitement when I distributed the sny rosters to the girls.
They were excited for various reasons,one of them was the stations they were going to nightstop.The other reason was,the colleagues (same batch girls)with whom they were doing the sny flights with. Third reason was the learning process itself on the flights.
They were also anxious as to whom ( the operating crew)they would be flying with. Anxious because..would they be flying with bitchy and nasty senior crew or nice and helpful ones? Quite naturally, the former were the likely ones.
Sometimes,I pity these sny girls.They would get "zapped" by their senior crew and sometimes ridiculed too.
I had always taught them how to survive in such a situation. " Always know your work and be pleasant and nice to these senior crew....,introduce yourselves to them when you meet them before the briefing session start....and don't forget the smiles..."
In spite of following the above advice,some of the girls still get zapped and bullied.Certain senior crews were just sadistic and mean to the trainees.
We would deal with those senior mean crew if they go beyond a certain limit.
We had reports of sny girls being shouted at and in extreme cases,slapped by and abused by their seniors.
Throughout my twenty plus years as a trainer, I noticed that when it comes to bullying and ill treating of the sny crew, it is a vicious cycle.
The snys who got the bad treatment would in all probabilities bully other snys when they became senior and this phenomenon goes on and on.
Its somewhat the same as in the army,I was told, except that it is more physical there as compared to the airline.
So it was the senior crew who created most of the unnecessary worries for the snys. Passengers,on the other hand, was not a problem to the snys.


gsl said...

Even in schools, there are bullying cases too. Hmm, I am shocked bcos I thought those senior crew would be more mature and treat their juniors well.

Anonymous said...

some snr crew are ok but most like to "give it to her" type of attitude.
Hows yr pc? New one?

Anonymous said...

I have several subordinates reporting to me but I do not zap them even if they are ignorant when they are new cos everyone will have to be new when they first start. As long as they are seen trying and have the right attitude, then the seniors should guide them instead of zapping them. Only idiots will bully people for nothing.