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Thursday, 22 February 2007

Too Old To Be A SIA Girl?

There are girls out there in their late 20s and early 30s who think they do not stand a chance in being recruited as a flight stewardess with SIA should read the following,which I quote from a forum. The person who answered the questioned must be an ex SIA girl herself.
GELLY wrote:
Hi Lynn01,
Thanx for your invaluable info...Im already 28 years old...Guess I will give SIA and Silkair a try before I turn 29... I haven't tried Sia or Silkair...I have only started to apply actively this year...I have gone to emirates and British airways...In the meantime, while waiting for the next recruitment, I will continue to improve and upgrade myself...By the way, do you know the qualifications of a silkair cabin crew?
Keep your dream alive 8)

lynn01 wrote:
hi, yup, my friend's cousin is 40 years old now. because she look young, doesn't look like 40 years old at all, she look like in her early 30s. maybe that why's she can still fly. but she is going to retire soon because she has a family to take care of. and as for keisha questions. the age limit that SIA and silkair stated in their recruitment: age 25, they are for the foreign crew.
foreign stewardesses need to be 25 and below. but for local stewardesses , the age is up to 29 years old. unless they decided to change their age limit for the current intake,
i am pretty sure local stewardess age limit is 29 years old. if not, you can email them and ask them the age limit since they do not put the age limit out in their local stewardess recruitment. i know people who are being recruited as stewardess, age, 26, 27 and 28. so for those who are out there who are age 26-29, no harm trying. all the best!


shervon said...

hi, thanks for the info. i just celebrated my 28th birthday and finally brave enough to consider a dream of flying. glad there's still a hope. i shall go for it

Anonymous said...

Is, 31years old to old to be Sq cabin crew?