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Saturday, 3 March 2007

A Company Formed By My ex-Colleagues.

When we,the CCEs left SQ in 2003, more than half a dozen of us joined hands with an entrepreneur and formed a recruitment and training firm for cabin crew.
This Company had since trained cabin crew from an Indian airline as well as a less heard off European airline.
I understand,most of my ex-colleagues had sold their shares at a loss in this particular company and left due to some problems with the other major partner.
It has never been easy to work with "outsiders" for these ex-CCEs.They were veterans in their field of expertise and some had put in 40+ years with their former company.They did not like to be told what they were supposed to do by an "outsider",even if the other guy was a major holder or their SVP. They had to be handled with care and if one had the skill to handle them well, one would get wonderful results.
Of course, not everyone of these ex-CCEs were good. There were a few of them who were king bullshitters (pardon my language) and kiasu kings.
Getting rid of those few would have had been a good idea.
I understand a few of them had gone into property and are doing fairly well.
The others are enjoying their retirement and one has opened a learning center in Sengkang area.
Oh yes, there is another one,currently working as a cabin crew trainer with an Indian carrier in India.


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