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Thursday, 1 March 2007

Do you believe SIA service is that bad?

Two online letters to the ST forum were republished below in this blog. These two were complaints from SQ paxs. One was about a steward making fun of a "serious" situation and another one was about "two strands of hair in the food".
I had a few comments from my readers and apparently they did not totally believed those compliants were genuine.
Some even suggested the complainants had ulterior motives for complaining and one even suggested that the pax was not telling the full story.
I,for one,as an ex-instructor for umpteen years with SIA cabin crew could hardly believe the service on SIA was that bad. It is no better than those good old days but SIA service,as I was told by my most of my friends,like the one who is a PPS and just arrived at Japan on SQ flight commented in his blog about the Japanese stewardess who served him in the Business Class,that SQ service is still very good.
What do you all think?

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