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Thursday, 1 March 2007

Hair in airline food: No calls, no explanation from SIA

28 Feb. 2007 Article from Straits Times Online Forum. Click here
Singapore Airlines has been voted one of the best airlines in the world for many years. But I have found that its public relations skills are not up to par.
Within a span of two months, I had two very bad encounters with its inflight services. On both instances, I was being served in Business Class.

The first incident occurred on a flight back from Brisbane. I found a strand of hair while having my entree course. Feeling disgusted, I proceeded to the main course even though the attendant had apologised and offered me a replacement set.

Nevertheless, while enjoying my meal, I was appalled to find another strand of hair in it. This is too much of a coincidence and it has totally spoilt my appetite!

After highlighting this to the steward, the customer service officer apologised and offered to credit some points to my account but there wasn't any explanation given.

The second incident was more startling. During a flight to Perth, I was being served with a cracked glass and a wine glass which was chipped off the rim. This unbelievable experience has made me feel uncomfortable and a need to protest on the services provided.

After putting in my two cents worth to the company, likewise, not a single mail came thru on explanation or any preventive actions to avoid similar accidents or to check on my well being.

All they did was to credit some points in the account and expect you to be satisfied with it.

Up to now, I haven't heard of any explanation from SIA.

Where is the personal touch? A call or letter of concern will be appreciated.

John How Kam Chong

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