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Monday, 12 March 2007

In Loving memory of Leading Steward Andrew Yap .

Here is a story from one of my colleagues ,which I think is worth posting in my blog. We knew Andrew but my colleague who wanted to be known as" Xcrew"has written this story. It was a touching story of how Andrew,who was down with a blood disorder ..........ok lets read what "Xcrew" has written.

Andrew Yap was a Leading Steward on the B707 in 1972. He was in his twenties, handsome and charming with a pleasant personality. Sometime in that year, he discovered that his body bruised easily with slight knocks from work in the aircraft. And the bruises did not go away. He went to consult the Company doctor who referred him to the General Hospital for blood test. He was diagnosed with acute leukaemia and warded in the hospital for treatment.
About a month after his hospitalisation I visited him and he was as usual pleasant and cheerful. A couple of months passed and I was told that Andrew had become blind. After that I visited him again. His blindness did not depress him for he was still his cheerful and pleasant self. He was hopeful in getting better. He passed away about a month later.
While Andrew was warded, a young lady doctor in charge of the ward attended to him. Their almost daily interaction of doctor and patient developed to that of close friendship. Their fondness for each other grew and they fell in love with each other. Despite his condition, the doctor lover had hopes of Andrew’s recovery. Just before Andrew’s condition worsened to blindness, they decided to get engaged. Even after Andrew became blind, his fiancĂ©e doctor stood by him, encouraging him to fight his leukaemia. But the disease got the better of him and finally after months of treatment and struggle against the disease, Andrew passed away.
This is a true love story with tragic end. Xcrew.
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....Thank you "Xcrew" for that heart wrenching story...from boh tong.


Kata Tak Nak said...

Heart tugging indeed. I have a brother who is 56. About 2 months ago, the doctors confirmed that he had cancer. The biopsy reveals that he had colon cancer which had spread to the liver. He is in stage 4 and anyone familiar with cancer knows what that means. The doctors arn't too keen to operate. I visit him as often as I could which is about thrice a week.

I sometimes try to find excuses to not visit because I just couldn't stand seeing him in the condition he is him.

He talks as if there is hope but I know from his eyes and his voice, he knows deep down inside that its a matter of time. It hurts everytime I see him.

Sometimes I feel that he is stronger than me. Life is indeed short.

Anyway, thanx for drifting into my blog and although you only kinda fancy MU, its better than you hating them. You can't possibly be a Liverpool fan coz MU and Liverpool is like Osama and Bush.

BT (ex-SIA CREW ) said...

Hi Kata tak nak whatever that means :-)
Thanks for coming here from all the way from Penang.
I'm sorry to hear about yr Bro. and just pray that he would recover.Never give up praying and hoping.
U are right about the Liverpool and MU thing.
Will visit U again.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Well Kata Tak Nak is the Malaysian governments new anti smoking campaign. It means 'Say No To'. This is not my contribution to the anti-smoking campaign. I still smoke 2 packs a day (no Iam not proud of it, its just that its so damn hard to quit. My Kata Tak Nak is meant to the gov. Its Kata Tak Nak to BN.

Tanks for the words of encouragement. Nowadays as far as my bro goes, I take it one at a time, Yes I do hope and I do pray but I am also being realistic.