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Thursday, 29 March 2007

SIA Commercial by Batey Ads.

Back by popular demand.


Anonymous said...

are those stewardess in the video real SG girls or they are just actresses in SIA uniform. please enlighten me.

Anonymous said...

Yes,they are SG girls. SIA do not use models or actresses.

Anonymous said...

I was so fascinated by the spore girl advertisement that I joined Sq. My dream was to be teacher actually but I flew for 10 years actually. Nvr once did I ever regret being a true blue Singapore Girl. Mayb in my nxt life I wld like to b one too agn. In my opinion is the best job for me evr.

nora said...

yes, i agree anonymous,like u i don't regret being an SQ stewardess at all. To tell u d truth,when i left i kind of lost confidence once out of that lovely kebaya we used to call our uniforms.

Anonymous said...

You girls are greeaaat!! SIA would love U two for saying that...the whole world should know that...very positive statements.
Thank U Annoynmous and Nora.
Boh Tong :)