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Thursday, 29 March 2007

SIA's last commercial by Batey ?


Allied said...

BT...was that you in the last few photos??

Allied said...

didnt see my ex GF ler....
anyone here knows her?
Geraldine Ong Ee Lin?
Would be nice to know whats she is up to???

BK said...
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BT (ex-SIA CREW ) said...

No, I was not in the picture. The guy in the gray suit with a stewardess was CTS (Check Training Supervisor) Eddie Bay, A great Chap.
Can't help u regarding yr ex GF cos I don't think I remember meeting her.

Anonymous said...

BT, third last picture the girl by herself just before the IFS and Girl and Girls Group picture is now a Leading Stewardess I think. I think she is either a Malay or Eurasian. Her name is not a common name in Sin.

Anonymous said...

Lolita said..
The new sq girls r nt pretty at all unlike the girls in the 80s n 90s. Ive seen sm really fat girls at the airport. They dont hv the x factor at all any more. Im sure u agree with me uncle. The girls in the photos r nothing to look at..

Anonymous said...

Aiyo U ah Lolita...they aren't that bad lah...some ar pretty too.
If the gals ar fat and allow to fly,den it's the management fault.
BT :)

Anonymous said...

Lolita said
No choice leh uncle nw nt many preeti girls ard so fat fat n ugly also management let them fly..LOL

Anonymous said...

Lolita said..
U look at the last half on the video clip nt even a single of them is gorgeous.. am i nt rite?? Im sure most ppl wld agree with me, nt the glamorous sophisticated n most of all pretty image that a stewardess shd potray. No u hv nt seen the majority of them who just dont fit the bill.

Anonymous said...

this feel weird

when we fly MAS
we remember the service and food

when we fly Qatar
we remember it's comfort and hospitality

when we fly SIA
the only thing we remember is the stewardess
all thanks to the SIA marketing strategy