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Tuesday, 6 March 2007

There are mean people around.

There are mean people around no matter what you do. Here I am trying to entertain with some honest stories and there are people who accused me of all sorts of things.
They said that I am a bored old frustrated man who is sored with SIA because I was no longer needed.
Let me tell you this that SIA gave me a choice,to stay or opt for early retirement. I did not feel the need to work anymore and that was why I left. I had enough of the job after 35 years.I was bored with my job.
To be honest,blogging is more fun than flying or doing admin work or conducting training for SIA. But blogging doesn't earn me a salary and that's the only setback.
Well,without a salary,I will just have to 'cut my clothes according to my cloth'.Nevertheless,I am having fun with blogging even though some people are unkind towards me.
Can't explain this phenomenon but it is true blogging gives you that 'high' and its very addictive. Ask any seasoned blogger and see if that is a fact.
Sometimes,I wonder what will I do that would be satisfying without blogging? So to hell with all the unkind people and their comments because I will blog and blog till the day I can't anymore.
Below are some of the mean remarks made by some:

Anonymous said...
From his blog U can see that BT is a frustrated old man after not wanted by SQ !
March 5, 2007 4:32 PM

Anonymous said...
Irregardless ! As long as they don't moan and growl after being asked to leave the airline !
March 4, 2007 2:46 PM

Anonymous said...
I'm Proud of you guys man ! (refers to a blog by a rival group)
2 Thumbs Up ! Keep going man !
March 4, 2007 12:27 PM

And so many more which I had deleted.


Allied said...

Boh Tong,
Don't let it get you down. If I know you from your posting, I am sure it won't, and if I analyse you correctly, you care about your readers enough to offer them a myriad of stories. Links of sorts. Heck, you are even recommending some poeple to write in to SQ or EK. I think these itself speaks volumes of your intentions.
I am no stranger to it too, as I have also been hounded by some who would like to remain anonymous.

I moderate in a community blog, a small community of Radio Operators (HAM) yet I have been accused of sorts. We have our challenges, but most rather stay away with a watchful eye, and letloose with all kinds of accusations not knowing the whole story. Stand steadfast my friend.
You walking with Bloggers United is itself a stand that you should be proud off.
Keep your ears peeled out for March 8th, ok?

'Simply In Awe' - of your response!
'Must Acknowledge Same' - owe you one!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,
I saw your wife and 3 children's pic in zorro's blog today and I hv left a comment there. Must congratulate you for having such a beautiful wife and 3 lovely children.
No, I am not bogged down by people's bad remarks about my posting.
Thanks for the encouragement and hope everything would turn out in yours and Audra's favour.
Wow that's a good one...about 'simply in awe' and 'must acknowledge same'...
Yes, we have got "Bloggers United" with us and we must "Fear Not"
Will talk to you again.
Regards to Audra and the kiddies,

Anonymous said...

Hey! BT, you are doing alright. There are all kinds of people. The mean and unkind are vocal. Like SL says, their karma will catch up with them. Yes, blogging is fun and addictive. Don't let others spoil this for you. I read your blog daily. BL

Anonymous said...

Thanks BL,U are a great pal and supporter.Definately not letting anyone spoils my show hahaha.

zorro said...

BT, if we are going to allow what some people think of us, we are not living our lives the way we want to. Be a sift. Throw the chaff, keep the finer things. Misery finds their mates. Notice how in your working life, there will always be a group who do nothing else but be grouchy and negative. They are the BOO boys and girls. To them even God is not perfect, they are.Live it up man. I enjoy reading your blog and for what it stands for.

BT said...

Hi Zorro....what an honour to have you visit my blog! Thank you for yr kind words and I shall cherish this moment of having one of Malaysian top bloggers here.

muststopthis said...

Many abuses start from small things, Martin Luther King, quoted by Dr Erik Leipold.
MAS? Discrimination, not isolated!

Boh Tong, I came across your site when I was searching Crew experiences, and thought your site was very relevant, and certainly it does bring back the memories.

As a former crew to another, you must have a lot of admirers! For them to be still talking bout you after you have left!

Heads up. BT, thanks to you, my southern neighbours are reassured that SIA is heads and shoulders above the others.

BT said...

Thanks Tony and Audra and as ex crew we can understand each other better.
Guess what? I had Zorro here today and he left me some words of encouragement.
If there is anything I can do for U,please drop me a note.
Your southern neighbour...hahaha.