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Thursday, 26 April 2007

An appeal to the staff who travel as passengers.

More often than not, the cabin crew had a hard time on the flight,trying their level best to serve the fare paying passenegers,being treated like slaves and maids by their own airline colleagues on FOC or discounted tickets.
We like to appeal to these staff and their family members to be considerate to our cabin crew and not to worsen an already bad situation.
In my experience as a cabin crew,I found the cockpit crew family members the worst of all. It was more so if the spouse was a captian.
I came across many times where the family members of captains were demanding and arrogant. Their children were as bad their mothers.
There was a case of a senior captain's wife who was unhappy with the inflight supervisor because he allowed a first class full fare passenger to occupy the seat next to her.She later on retaliated by complaining against the IFS for being rude.
Cases of capts' wives and children behaving as though their husbands/fathers own the airlines were common.
There were instances of these kids littering the first class cabins with peanuts,food,drinks,on board amenities etc and expected the cabin crew to clean the cabin floor for them. Some pressed the call bells for the slightest thing.
There was a case where the children of a staff who travelled in first class kept pressing the call bells in the middle of the night,to the annoyance of other fare paying passengers. As a result of the complaint and the blatant abuse of the free flight,the company passed a ruling stating that children of staff who were entitled to FC travel must be of certain age to qualify for the FC travel.
Another issue which could not be resolved between the cockpit and the cabin crew was
the cleaning of toilets after their use. The cockpit crew,I would dare say about 90% of them, would not even wiped the toilet basin dry after their use inspite of a notice pasted on the basin urging the user to wiped the basin as a coutersy to the next passenger.The argument was,the cabin crew was employed to clean toilets and not the cockpit crew,even after they have dirtied them. What a sad thing it was and a poor reflection on the cockpit crew.
Know what? I personally found MM Lee and his wife to have kept the toilets clean after their use. Mr. and Mrs Lim Chin Beng too had done the same thing on all my flights with them. Mr. J.Y. Pillay,the former SIA chairman,included.
So the question here is: why then can't the cockpit crew clean the toilets after they had used them? It won't take more than a minute to clean them. It's that simple: wipe the basin dry with a paper or linen towel,flush the tiolet and put the toilet cover down.
I sincerely hope things would get better on board and that the current dispute between SIA and its pilots before the Industrial Arbitration Court could be resolved amicably.


Anonymous said...

What finger to cross about? The pilots want increase pay cos more responsibility on more passengers? My foot! As there are so many pilots screw girls. Are they being responsible even to a person?

Anonymous said...

Looking at the way ALPA-S negotiate for the pilots, I feel sorry for the Cabin Crew members.

Anonymous said...

Cabin crew has been sold out by their unions for the benefits of the some individuals.

alliedmartster said...

ha ha BT..lokks like same shit different toilets!

Soooooooooooo it is too in MH..

Anonymous said...

Looks like SQ n MH got to give these shits a Good Flush ?

teh tareeq said...

well...looks like this is a never ending problems between cabin crew and the pilots. This will never be solved...till kingdom come!
At least lately the FOC psgrs in FC do behave...some of them that is.

Roaming Babe said...

I can't agree more with this talk about some (I say some, not all ya)cockpit crew do not just not bother to help clean the toilet after use, worse, they make a mess of it!! I once did a toilet check after this certain FO used it..My god. I guess he realised too cos he looked kinda paiseh afterwards. Disgusted lor..sigh.

Anonymous said...

Its basic courtesy to clean the toilet after you hve used it unless you are treating the cabin crew like maids in yr home.
Shit on tech. crew

Anonymous said...

What do u expect from drivers?? Just like taxi drivers...don't expect too's their up bringing.
A FO came out of the toilet and the toilet was in the mess. I informed him that he had left something behind. He groped his back pocket and panickly asked me "is it my wallet?"
I replied" No dear it's your urine, what do u want me to do? Do u wish to ask r wife or maid to flush for u?"
"Ai yo don't lah so paiseh" he was clearly embarrased.
"Also u did not clear the sink which was full of water"I retorted.
"Oh but I didn't use the tap"
"U mean after holding r p.... u don't wash r hand?"
Yak!And ugly too!!