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Monday, 23 April 2007

The Bad and Ugly Crew

I have heard of crew,both cockpit and cabin crew of many airlines resort to cooking their meals in the hotel rooms while at outstation.
The reasons varied from one individual crew to another.Some cooked in the rooms because they were not used to eating the food sold in the countries where they nightstopped while others did it for economic reasons.
Whatever the reasons,it was not encouraged by the hotels. Firstly, the rooms if not cleaned after cooking would attract cockroaches or rats. Secondly,it could be a fire hazard and thirdly,after all the discount the hotels had given to the crew (agreed during the signing of the contracts),they expected the crew to patronise their food outlets.
To the hotels,another kind of cooking that contained spices eg. curries or cooking with ingredients which were strong and "pungent" were also discouraged as the lingering "odour" could offend other guests.
There were cases where crew had been disciplined by their respective airlines for cooking in hotel rooms. Some burned the carpet floor or wooden tables as a result of their carelessness. Other splattered the walls with gravies of curry,stew,tomato and chilly sauce etc.
Another popular "pastime" was the "hijacking" of paid movies and watched them for free on their television sets.They usually stripped off the little magnets on the hotel closet doors and stuck them somewhere on the inside of the television sets. In this way,one could watch all the paid hotel movies for free.
One cheapskate crew was caught for replacing the hotel room light bulbs with his owned fused bulbs which was brought from home.
There were a few cases of crew,after consuming the alcoholic contents of the miniaturised bottles in the mini bars,refilled them with colored water.One even filled the empty bottle with urine .All of them escaped payment when they checked out.
Cases of crew stealing bath towels,pillow covers,coffee cups, teaspoons were common.
However,the most bizarre was the loss of a full length curtain by a hotel on Queensland Gold Coast.
There was another crew who almost got electrocuted because he inserted a penknife into the bed massage coin box to get a free ten minute massage in a Hong Kong hotel.
There were and are many more mischievous and sometimes, malicious and destructive acts committed by the crew which I am not able to recall at this moment.


teh tareeq said...

Hi BT its me again....yes that was true. I knew alot of them did cook in the room. I have witnessed it myself but do not joined them...
honestly speaking I have never cooked in the room...the most was to boil water(using hot rod)to make tea or coffee...I always bought sandwiches and salad or brought my ikan bilis sambal from home and ate with bread...I did this when night stop in Zurich/Copenhagen/Frankfurt/Paris especially during winter when the weather was freezing cold and just lazy to go out for dinner..otherwise I enjoy eating favourite is Italian and Japanese food. I ahve no problem with food in Japan as I love Unagi..and can eat unagi everyday for lunch and the way you can post my comments and the previous one too...if you dont mind maybe I can pen down some of my experiences and you can post them in your blog...

Anonymous said...

Hi Teh Tarreq..Me u bght sandwiches or bread to eat in the room bcos of the wet and freezing weather in ZRH,CPH etc during the winter months.Unagi? Yummy man I love it too but too expensive to eat too often.
Thnks I will publish yr me plse and i will say its from teh tareeq...hehehe
Btw are u from SQ or MH or....??

Anonymous said...

Oops i forgot to pen my name..ayia old already lah...forgetful these days :)
boh tong.

Anonymous said...

yes bt. one of the fo who is now a captain bring cooking utensils in his bag everywhere he go so that he can get a big house in spore. there are rats in glocester hotel. and the arabs are too smelly when they are there. there are lots of cheapskates among the aircrews-im sure most air stewardess agree. its always the case the richer a person is the more stingy he is

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS! You've became the hot discussions in the company now. I believe this is what you've been wanting, RECOGNITION. yOu did it old man! Unfortunately.. u're no longer in the airline.. so wake up and smell the coffee! I know, reality bytes.. ouch!!

BT (ex-SIA CREW ) said...

Hey wat recognition u ar talkng abt? They dont even noe who i am so don talk cock ok!
I smell the flowers and my coffee (better than STC cnteen coffee) every morning and don hv to slot like U jackass....hehehe ...sorry huh for the lingo.

Anonymous said...

i read the paper today that the captain earn so much. can u imagine they can be still so stingy ah? and they want to have increase pay for responsibilities? when in fact they screw the girls without ant responsibilites...what say you guys huh?

Anonymous said...

waa...i really hope that this blog get so famous in sia to tell the whole crews that the air crews can be so jackass man. they are so spoilt by the company and screws the innocent girls