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Sunday, 29 April 2007

Contribution from my ex-colleague.

"Hi BT, I am your ex-colleague and I have the following to share in your blog. Feel free to publish.

Recently a CTS (Check Training Supervisor) was relinquished of his appointment midway during his tenure.
The tenure of an IFS (Inflight Supervisor) selected by the management to hold office of a CTS was for 1½ year. But for CTS Hendrick Kok, he was asked by Cabin Crew Management to return to his usual post of IFS prematurely for conduct unbecoming of a CTS.
Hendrick comes from a wealthy family which owns restaurants in Singapore. Early in his career as a flight steward, he was disliked by many of his batch boys and peers. That’s because he had a tendency to be boastful and talk down on them. But he got along well with his superiors, ie Leadiing crew, Chiefs and Senior Chiefs, because he curried favour them. He is nice to people who ranks above him. As he rose in his ranks, he sought to make a name for himself by being popular with his subordinate crew and his bosses. He would help his bosses to organise functions and garnered the help and support from his subordinates. He used to help his former boss Chew Tai Lu in organising the Cabin Crew Dinner and Dance which was held biennially (once in two years). The bosses were well pleased with him. His arrogant pride swelled. Over the years he has also rubbed shoulders and befriended many important and influential people. A sense of self-importance propels his attitude towards people he considers lesser than himself.
One of the duties of a CTS, being a Ward leader is to emcee a gathering of crew in his ward for a day’s programme. There would usually be around 100 crew of all ranks being rostered to attend the Ward Get-together. The day would be filled with various speakers mostly from Cabin Crew management staff updating the crew of upcoming changes in the Cabin Crew Division. The Ward leader has also to conduct games and take notes of Q&A conducted by the Cabin Crew Manager.
At the beginning of his tenure as CTS, Hendrick together with some other CTSs had to sit in a Ward Get-together to observe and understudy the day’s programme being conducted. While the other CTSs were observing the running of the programme, Hendrick with his arrogance having the wiser of him decided to read the newspaper. One of the CTSs concerned for him, asked him if he was not worried about his coming Ward Get-together. Hendrick arrogantly replied that that was a simple task as he had emceed many similar events before. His newspaper reading was observed by his immediate boss, Barry Hung. But Barry did not confront Hendrick.
The day came, not long after the above event, that Hendrick’s Ward Get-together was held. That morning, after all his ward members had turned up and seated in the auditorium, Hendrick the Ward leader was nowhere to be found. So another CTS stood in to replace Hendrick. Barry Hung and some other management staff called his cell phone and home phone, but they were not answered. After several attempts of phone calls, finally Hendrick answered the phone, being just awoken from sleep. He got dressed and attended the Ward Get-together he was supposed to take charge and emcee.
His excuse to Barry Hung was that he had taken some cough mixture the night before that caused him to oversleep.
During the next few months as CTS, there were some disagreements and misunderstanding between Hendrick and his boss, Barry. Though they did not surface into any major issues, Barry was much annoyed by Hendrick’s attitude. Then a couple of months ago, something Hendrick had been doing all the while when he went on check flight, came to the knowledge of his bosses. The office received a complaint that even before the flight had taken off, Hendrick had already completed a check report on a certain crew, and given to the latter to acknowledge. Only God knows how many check reports he had completed in such a manner, in the course of his career. Of course such reports are always excellent for if not, his conduct or rather misconduct would have come to light earlier. So this is one way he cast influence on his subordinates, bribing them with excellent reports. Of course he was summoned to see his immediate boss, Barry who chided him for his unethical and irresponsible conduct as a CTS. There was no excuse good enough for Barry to accept.
Not long after the above episode was to be the official opening of the SIA Sports Club. Barry was given the task of organising ushers and car park wardens during that day. He had roped in some CTSs to be ushers and car park wardens. Barry had given strict instructions that they were not to leave their posts and they were not allowed entry into the official opening function area; they were not given the special pass into the function area. Among the VIPs who were invited to attend the event was SIA Executive General Bey Soo Kiang, whom Hendrick knew personally. When the General arrived he was greeted by CTS Hendrick with a broad smile. They had a short chat and in the process General Bey discovered that Hendrick was not allowed into the function area. Even though Hendrick was without the special pass to enter the function area, General Bey personally authorised Hendrick admission into the function area.
While mingling amongst the VIPs, Hendrick was spotted by Barry. Barry was furious at Hendrick being so bold as to defy his orders. Barry reported the matter to his bosses. Not many days thence, Hendrick was called into the manager’s office with Barry attending the inquiry. The manager found Hendrick’s conduct unbecoming of a CTS and was asked to relinquish his position of CTS and return to his former post of Inflight Supervisor. As a subordinate, Hendrick must had been a thorn in the flesh for Barry and the decision by management to relinquish Hendrick’s position, must had been a welcome relief for Barry; for immediately following the inquiry, the latter was seen smiling, humming and whistling happy tunes in the office. Barry felt a sense of victory to see justice meted out to Hendrick for the consequences of his pride and arrogance.
As for Hendrick, he will get over the disgrace and fall from grace in no time. Then he will go about being his normal self again, with his arrogant pride moving him to achieve his self-conceited ends."

12:19 AM

Anonymous said...
Please add the following info of Gen Bey:
Bey Soo Khiang, Senior Executive Vice President (Operations and Services)

12:27 AM

Thank you so much for the above article.Although,I don't know who you are because you want to remain "Anonymous" but I believe your story is true. I know Hendrick and Barry ( not their real names of course)too.



teh tareeq said...

Oh yes....I know these 2 ppl. Hendrick (not his real name)was 2 weeks my we know each other for CCE Barry...well he was our junior..infact we were already a CS when Barry join SQ. Anyway...Barry was one of those who were promoted fast...and in due course applied for the position of CCE...
I too know of this story...
well...this is what we call office happens everywhere..
that was the only reason why I never wanted to be CCE nor CTS...I was very happy flying as IFS...

Anonymous said...

R there no gd ppl in sq seems like aftr readg ur blog there r onli bad ppl there. If there r why dont u write abt the gd ones too BT?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous!! I've blogged abt the good cabin crew too..go and click at "older post" at the bottom of each page and search la....if u got stories of good crew why don't u share here with us....aiyo so don't nag like a ole grandmother ok.

Anonymous said...

teh tereeq: U made a good move.If becme a cce now u got no job like me....aiya sigh...sigh...