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Thursday, 5 April 2007

The Dutch Goddesses.

In the early 1970s, SIA ( known as MSA at that time) employed more than a dozen girls from Holland as flight attendants.They were employed because of their language skills. All of them spoke English and one other European language besides their own mother tongue.
These Dutch girls were recruited in preparation for the launches of flights to Europe and London.
On every European flight,there would be at least one Dutch stewardess rostered.
There was great excitement then to see these gorgeous Dutch girls.It was reported in the media both in Malaysia and Singapore. It was a big deal for an Asian airline to have European stewardess in those days.
The girls had some flying experience before joining SIA.They were ex-stewardesses from Alitalia,KLM,Lufthansa etc.
SIA paid them very well back then,many times more than our salary.
Netherland was beaming with pride because the world most renown airlines had employed their goddesses.
PS. In the next posting, you will read more about these Dutch goddesses.

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