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Saturday, 7 April 2007

The Dutch Goddesses/Stewardesses.

The Dutch stewardesses became a liability to the airline. They were full of complaints regarding the salaries SIA paid them. They were unhappy with the terms of their employment. They were allowed a non renewable 5 year contract,like the local stewardesses. They were based in London and paid housing allowances,station,meals and night stop allowances. Still they were not happy because most of them left their flight attendant jobs to join SIA and had expected a much better salary.
The airline stood firm and refused to pay them a cent more.This was and still is the philosophy of the company,never be blackmailed by its staff.
Sure,the Dutch girls had no choice but to stay on until they got another job with another airline which is willing to pay them more.
For the time being,these girls "screwed" the company by playing it crooked. They drank alcohol while on duty, cut corners on the service,rude to passengers, stole cutleries ,food,drinks,alcohol etc from the aircrafts.
They slept with the senior male cabin in return for an easy life on board the flight. They screwed around with the pilots and passengers. They created havoc and eventually, after less than a year with SIA,the whole lot of them were sacked.
From that bad experience,the company "vowed" never to employ European girls as stewardesses again.


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Siti said...

"They slept with the senior male cabin in return for an easy life on board the flight." What about you? hehe..

Anonymous said...

Siti...naughty girl U are....but I was a junior steward at that time...sobs..sobs..
boh tong.

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Lolita said,
U buaya also think I dont knw.. dont pretend lah!!:)

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Lolita...give uncle a break lah.shhh don't tell leh...hehehe.