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Sunday, 1 April 2007

The going was tough...

The going was tough as a junior steward but it got us going better in life. The newer crew are soft and the slightest harshness will see them throwing in the towel. I heard it's the same story everywhere in Singapore, like in the army,in politics,in family lives,in schools etc.
I still remember the London flight pattern was like this SIN/BKK/BAH/ROM/AMS/LHR vv and one set of cabin crew operated SIN/BKK/BAH night stop and the other set took over from BAH would operate BAH/ROM/AMS/LHR. These were norms.
Today, they would operate SIN/BKK and then night stop. Next day they would continue to BAH and night stop.After that they would worked all the way to LHR via two other stations.
We used to do the SIN/PER/SIN sector,all in one day. Nowadays, the crew would night stop in PER...better life isn't it?
No, I do not begrudge the new generation crew.I hope they would get better deals from the company but if their union is not careful, it might drive the company out of business because besides fuel cost, staff cost is the next costliest component.


Anonymous said...

Uncle ur articles r getting vry mundane u r running out of ideas to write. Boring!!!

Anonymous said...

Lolita...U may be rite...thanks for yr honest feedback....hmmm can u give me some advice on how to write interestingly? or do u hv stories for me to post? Anyway, u ar sweet and if don't visit me bcoz my stories are "vry mundane",i'll be vry sad...sobs..sobs....don go away Lolita...sobs...sobs