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Friday, 20 April 2007

Something Happened to Co-Pilot John in Istanbul

The following is a story posted in the comment box by my ex-colleague called Xcrew. I took the liberty to post it here for my readers.It was a true story. (Thanks to U, Xcrew and I hope you or anyone else could share your stories here with us).

"A few years ago, a set of SQ crew nightstopped in Istanbul. The crew usually arrived at the hotel after the flight in the early morning. They would have breakfast in the restaurant and then catch their sleep for they had just worked overnight from Dubai. (The crew were accommodated in Hyatt Regency. The hotel was situated about a 5 minutes walk from Taksim Square and the city walking street, where there were many shops and food places. To go to the walking street, the crew had to walk through a small park behind the hotel).
The co-pilot of the flight FO(First Officer) John woke from his sleep in the evening and felt a little hungry. He washed up and decided to walk to the walking street to have his dinner. It was already getting dark when he left the hotel and as he got into the park, he was suddenly attacked and robbed by a few men. John did not know what hit him for became unconscious and the attackers left him in the park. It was only the following morning, when a Hyatt employee on his way to work found him lying unconscious in the park. He was sent to hospital and a Police report was made.
In the Police investigation, it was found that his room was entered into using his room card key on the night of the mugging. They also found his SIA uniform jacket missing from the room. On the day of flight departure, FO John was still in hospital and the cabin crew also came to know of the unfortunate incident FO John had encountered.
Leading Stewardess Lily was one of the members of the flight crew. Two weeks later, Lily did the same flight again, nightstopping in Hyatt Regency. The following day after arriving Istanbul she and Leading Steward Peter decided to take a walk to the walking street. While they were walking in the walking street, Lily noticed a man wearing an airline-like uniform jacket, in a friendly manner beckoning her to come. Suddenly, she remembered FO John's uniform jacket being stolen from his room, on her previous Istanbul flight. Intrigued by the jacket, she walked closer to the man. She was totally astonished for she recognised that jacket to be a Singapore Airlines pilot uniform jacket with SIA logo on it. She put two and two together and guessed that that could be FO John's jacket. She felt all excited at the thought of one in a million chance to have caught FO John's attacker. But she remained cool so as not to arouse suspicion, so she and Peter proceeded walking in the walking street. She was all excited sharing her discovery with Peter as they walked away from the impersonator. She wasted no time and immediately reported her sighting to the Police. She led the Police to the bogus SIA pilot and got him arrested.
The Police in their report confirmed that jacket belonged to FO John. They also found that the men who attacked and robbed John belonged to an illegal syndicate of about 10 men from an African country.
Thanks to Lily with her quick thinking, the culprits were apprehended and prosecuted".

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