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Monday, 14 May 2007

Another crew confirmed my story about......

teh tareeq has left a new comment on your post "IFS's Stewardess wife luvs bro-in-law .......":

Hi BT....gosh this story really brought back memories...
Infact Css Si Bil was in my team for 3yrs.. the affair started 2 yrs later. I was quite close to Si Bil...I witnessed the very first time when we night stop in Male. We arrived from Vienna and Ah Tar flew in from Singapore...he was not on duty but on holiday. I was surprised that he did not come with his wife...he said he just wanted to take a short I asked him he wanted to bunk in with one of the steward...he said that was not necessry as he would bunk in with Si Bil. I was actually puzzled but did pressed further and did not asked Si Bil either...I was thinking it was not my the 2 days we stop over in Male...I witnessed the 2 of them behaving more like couples rather than sister and brother-in-laws...I was feeling uneasy though as Si Bil was close to me...and to see that she behaved the way she did with her brother-in-law...was unbecoming of her...she was well known in cabin crew to be well mannered...and pleasant....everybody liked her.
Still I did not asked her...when we returned to Singapore...I asked my close friend (an IFS) if he had known anything about Si Bil and Ah Tar...but he said no.
However....3 months later the story about the couple leaked out and the whole of cabin crew were actually quite shock...But not I was actually suspected about the 2 of them....

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