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Wednesday, 23 May 2007

My ex-colleague "fixed" by a Hypocritical (CH) PPS passenger

This was a case of my ex colleague being fixed up by a supposedly nice and sincere PPS.

The story went like this. PPS Lango,a Canadian general manager of a big drug company in Asia travelled from Singapore to Vancouver on the flight where SIA cabin crew executive Jason was working.

Unable to sleep,Lango spoke to Jason and praised SIA for producing cabin crew of the highest quality. He patted Jason a couple of times during the conversation and congratulated him for doing such a fine job and wished Jason was a trainer in his company.

The conversation went for almost an hour where personal matters like children,wife and life were confided in Jason.

On the same flight was a busty leading stewardess named Jen. She was chastised by Jason ealier on for being lazy and not helping her junior crew.

On the sector between Seoul and Vancouver,Jen was observed to be unusually "friendly" to Lango. She seduced the sex starved Lango and eventually allowed him to visit her hotel room while night stopping in Vancouver.

A few weeks after that Vancouver flight,the office received a serious complaint from a PPS passengers regarding Jason's "behaviour". The complaint was about the "unprofessional" conduct of Jason on that flight. It was alleged that Jason told this PPS which stewardesses in SIA one can go to bed with.

At the inquiry, an SIA manager asked Jason whether he did tell the PPS about the alleged statement. To this, Jason replied that had he,Jason,knew which SIA Girl one could sleep with, he himself would've done so. It was silly to have passed the info to his own boss let alone, a stranger like Lango,Jason told the panel.Jason's reply sent the panelists roaring with laughter.

After an investigation,it was found that Jen was behind the whole scene.

With her "stinking" work record in the past, like making a female passenger cried on a flight and complaint from a senior SIA management staff, Jen's work contract was not renewed.

Today,we understand Jen had immigrated to Canada but whether with Lango or not ,it is only anyone's guess.

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BookLover said...

BT, it is now changed to 50,000 flight $. Miles/sectors no longer aplies.

BT (ex-SIA CREW ) said...

BL..Thanks buddy. Must inform SIA cos thats the info I got from its website.