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Saturday, 19 May 2007

An Odd Ball Stewardess.

Victoria was a stewardess with an average looks that might not attract many stares. But her actions during flights had made many passengers and crew gave her more than a dozen stares and talks that will go into eternity.
As a stewardess,Vic was conscientious and pleasant. She had a chest as flat as an airport runway. Her boyfriend had encouraged her to have breast enhancement but she had flatly refused time and again. She was always afraid of surgery,having gone through once when she had her gall bladder removed.
Vic was a pragmatic girl who had a penchant for saving every cent she earned. She had once asked a crew to return her the five cents which he owed her a month earlier due to some small change problem.
Out of the take home salary of $3,000,she would saved $2,500 per month. Her monthly expenses of $500 included her room rental of $150. Everyone knew she was a thrifty kind of Malaysian girl.
Rick,her boyfriend was the exact opposite. He would spent more than he earned.No,he was not a flight steward.Rick was a bartender at a hotel and yet,able to afford a reasonably new Mercedes 180. Where did Rick get his money?..no one knew but definitely not from the miserly Victoria.
One day,during her night stop in Japan,Vic received a long distance call from Singapore informing her that Rick was involved in a car accident. Rick was seriously injured and was in a coma.
It was all too late when Vic flew back to Singapore a couple of hours later for Rick had died from the serious injuries he sustained.
Vic was so saddened by the death of her boyfriend that she became depressed. Vic was eventually warded in a mental hospital due to acute depression and her attempts to take her own life.
Vic spent a whole month in the hospital and was discharged when her condition improved. She went back to her flying duties two months later.
to be continued.......

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