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Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Victoria could not wait to go back flying after she was certified fit to fly again from her psychiatrists.
She was, to the crew, not almost well as she displayed some strange behaviour during work as well as during her night stops.

On one flight when Vic was serving meatballs ,she shot a shocking yet funny question at her passenger by asking.."Sir would you like sauce on your balls?" which the passenger humorously replied..."Oh no! not on my balls but on the meat balls please.." That set the whole first class cabin roared with laughter.

The crew was taught to say pleasantries to the passengers when serving f&b. Vic clearly remembered this rule and on one occasion when serving Panadols (pain killer) to her passenger,he courteously applied what her instructor had taught her by telling passenger to "enjoy your panadols Sir!"

In the quiet of the night when the passengers were sleeping,Vic in her over zealousness,woke a business passenger and told him that she needed to do PR (passenger relation or chat) with him.

In another funny situation,a passenger slept in his seat with his palm strethed opened,Vic scooped a couple of peanuts and place them in the passenger's palm.

The last straw came when Vic night stopped in Hong Kong. It was one of those days during the "hungry ghost festivals" when the Chinese would offer "foods and goodies" to their dead loved ones that got Vic into serious trouble.
In her hotel room one night,she offered her dead boyfriend some "goodies" and "communicated" with him by burning joss paper and joss sticks. The smoke from the burning joss paper and sticks immediately sent the fire alarm screaming. In the next few minutes,the hotel staff armed with fire fighting equipments, frantically knocked at Vic's door.

Back in Singapore Airlines cabin crew office,during the disciplinary enquiry,Vic told the panel of cabin crew managers that she was "merely communicating" with her deceased boyfriend when the fire alarm was triggered.

Following the disciplinary enquiry, Vic was "grounded" for a few months and was back to her psychiatrists for further observation.

Today, I was given to understand that Vic was compassionately given a ground job with a subsidairy of SIA.

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