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Friday, 22 June 2007

At the stewardesses interviews.

At an interview in New Delhi,my ex- SVP asked a charming Indian female candidate why would she want to be a flight stewardess with Singapore Airlines.
"Sir, SIA is a reputable and a great airline to work for" was her reply.
Thinking she was trying to "curry favour" the SIA interviewers with her reply,the ex- SVP told her " now don't give me that rubbish".
"But sir,this rubbish is all over India" came the swift replied.
The young lady got the job.

A local female candidate was asked why would she want to be a stewardess.Her reply was,"I want to improve my horizontal!"

Yet another one told the interviewers,..." I want to expose myself ".

A young lady who was unsuccessful, confronted the interviewer and asked him whether it was because she was ugly that SIA did not want her. The fact was this lady had been unsuccessful over the last six attempts was due to her looks (she was really ugly with some of her teeth jutting out of her mouth).
My ex colleague,the interviewer told her she was a pretty girl( of course,he knew better than to agree with her that she was ugly) but it was something else that bothered him to which she unashamedly retorted .." I know why you did not select me sir,it is because SIA don't recruit pretty girls, isn't it?....SIA seems to think that beautiful girls are somewhat arrogant and not humble enough".

When an interviewer asked the Ah Lian looking candidate what did she have for her lunch. Her reply was "Lice with veggie table and lan cheow pork!"

A lady candidate in Beijing was asked if she could have her hair done nicely if she was recruited as a stewardess,to which she nodded in agreement and told the interviewers she would fix her "mop".

An ex-colleague of mine (ex-CCE)who was an interviewer has this to say:
I asked one before " You mentioned you like to read. So what do you normally read?"She answered, "I read the dictionary"......*gulp.

The same ex-colleague submitted this yesterday:
I always enjoy looking at the candidates who say in a very boring and monotonous tone (without any smile) that "I'm actually a very friendly person"
Oh really?


Roaming babe said...

How about the 'Classic' answer, "I want to expose myself"?! hehe. Uncle Bohtong, your blog never fails to keep me entertained!:)

Anonymous said...

Roaming Babe..that's a damn good one and can I take the liberty to publish it?..thanks..hehehe.btw,anymore of those funny ones?
boh tong :)

Anonymous said...

Haha...You guys must have such a tough time with these cabin crew wannabies...But I guess some of them must have been really nervous..Well, I'm sure there are really charming, witty ones that capture your attention...

frostee exCCE said...

I asked one before " You mentioned you like to read. So what do you normally read?"

She answered, "I read the dictionary"


BT said...

Hi Frostee,
Thats a funny one alright and my apologies for adding to my list without first asking you :)

Roaming babe said...

Hi hi! It's me again! This is not exactly about interview scenarios but recently during a pre-flight briefing, this FSS shared an incident with regards to lingo usage and I thought it was kinda hilarious. U know with WCHR pax, we would usually place their hand luggage (cabin bags) on the leg-rest area of the wheelchair when they disembk? Apparently, this steward told an elderly lady WCHR pax (when wanting to put the cabin bag there) :" ma'am, please spread your legs"

Oops.. hehehe

Anonymous said...

Hi Babe,
Thanks and I will use it in another article...thats a funny one actually :)

frostee excce said...

Haha! No worries. Your stories are really funny and have heard of them numerous times when I was with SQ. My stint wasn't that long anyways unlike yours!

Anyways... I always enjoy looking at the candidates who say in a very boring and monotonous tone (without any smile) that "I'm actually a very friendly person"

Oh really?

Anonymous said...

dear BT

i was wondering if i would to miss the 15thjuly walk-in it still possible for me to apply?coz i wont be back fr melb until the mid of aug..

Anonymous said...

Yes,U can apply anytime when SIA advertise they hv vacancies.Check it out at their website.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Peter Boh Tong ! How on earth did you ever get into SQ? My hats off to you ! You were the shortest in SQ but has the loudest voice..hahahah ! Like a CSM on parade square ! Unfortunately.....SQ don't provide ladders onboard aircraft liao ! Sigh !

Anonymous said...

In the old days,the aircrafts were small and the overhead compt. were within any shortie's reach.
Peter was a sergent b4 he joined the airlines and that's why he had the loudest voice in the airlines.
Can't be sure that bohtong and Peter katek is the same person..hahahaha

Anonymous said...

i attended an interview in kl, and i didn't understand how the interview works. it wasn't really an interview because all that happened was - there is one guy who is the interviewer. all he asked was a "introduction" from 10 girls in the room. And that was it. i knew that some of the girls had memorised that "intro" scripts as i saw them with little notebooks going over and over the intro before going in. 4 girls were selected from my group of ten. i wasn't one of them. but i did not understand it. i was dressed smartly, light make up, spoke proper english, smiled and everything i should.

clefthanger21 said...

Still pointing a finger at Peter. Aunty Boh must be having a fits. Laughing till got tummy ache.