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Wednesday, 13 June 2007

FH appealed against his dismissal.

Through the Airline Executive Staff Union,FH launched an appeal against his dismissal from SIA,citing the loan given to him was a personal matter.
FH was dismissed because as far as SIA was concerned,it was unethical and wrong for a senior staff to borrow money and worse still,did not pay back his subordinate,Sue.
After some hassling between the union and SIA,the matter was referred to the Ministry of Manpower.
After looking at FH's case,MOM advised SIA to reinstate or compensate FH for the loss of his job. Of course,SIA would not want to rehire FH as he was no "angel" too.
As a compromise, SIA generously compensated FH with about $170k. However,when the Union asked for the annual free tickets for FH,a privilege enjoyed by retirees,SIA refused.
SIA has the right to refused giving FH the annual foc tickets because he did not retire but sacked with "compassion".
Please note, SIA with constraints from its shareholders is still a compassionate employer and even paid errant crew in the past, with thousand of dollars who had committed offences like molestation of stewardesses by male crew,theft,high "casual" medical leave etc, after dismissing them.
In my opinion,those bad apples should be handed over to the police and let the law deal with them.


Gold88 said...

Hmm not bad lah. It is good that SIA won so many international airline awards. Great service and hmm some good management lor.

BT (ex-SIA CREW ) said...

Gold88.. SIA is a very company to work for.The top management ppl are compassionate and understanding except for a small minority. Well it's never a perfect world isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Have you heard of this story or suspect you may be a victim yourself? An ex-SIA staff with the same sob story of food business failure and needing money to feed his family? Apparently, he is so good in acting that scores or even hundreds of his colleagues believed his story and made multiple loans ranging up to tens of thousands dollars each. Added together, the figure could be staggering and surely warrants a police investigation, not simply a "personal matter". Perhaps you poor sympathetic souls should bind together and do something about it. At this point, the same person is still going around selling the same story and probably to the same victims because his acting is just too superb!

boh tong said...

Anonymous said...
Have you heard of this story or suspect you may be a victim yourself? An ex-SIA staff......

BT: thanks for alerting i have not heard about this story.

Anonymous said...

....heard that the person concerned works previously in the IT department and then in Personnel... ring a bell? But how can one lend money (and large sums) again and again to this guy without any repayment of even the 1st loan? And apparently a substantial number of victims?Black Magic? or simply first class acting?EVen as we speak, the voodoo is happening.

Anonymous said... I write, it suddenly dawned on me why.. the victim(s) must be lured into the false hopes of seeing his 1st (or previous) loans repaid through helping this guy "re-habilitate" his business, by more loans! How simple and easy to be a con-man, just need to be thick skinned enough to cry out loud (literally) in front of your lady colleague and their hearts will melt!

Anonymous said...

so you have already fallen victim to this guy who takes your good samaritans' hearts for a ride, what can you do? See that justice be done! It is a criminal offence under our law to "Obtain property by Deception" which is defined as "A person who by any deception dishonestly obtains property belonging to another, with intent to permanently depriving the other of it shall on conviction on indictment be liable to imprisonment". The next question is how to prove the deception. Simple, if more than 1 victim is deceived by the same sob story and there is a repeat pattern of loans creating a false sense of hope that you are going to recover back the previous loans, by extending more loans, you can establish the modus operandi of this conman. At the very least,you expose him and his misdeeds, saving your fellow colleagues' hard earned money.

Anonymous said...

Today is a difficult day of struggling between the decision to release the conman's personal information or to turn a blind eye to the whole affair... But I found out that he is on the prowl again, this time spinning some cock & bull story about having to make 30% payment of a debt by a certain time or else... you know, the usual stuff. I worry for the people of SIA, both staff and ex-staff who are unfortunate enough to know this guy.

Anonymous said...

Please note that these comments posted has nothing to do with the "FH" incident.