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Monday, 11 June 2007

Hell hath no fury.......

The saying that "hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn" was very applicable to my ex colleague, FH when got into some kind of involvement with a stewardess.
FH was a bachelor and had no intention of shedding his status.
Well when he met stewardess Sue,he was fascinated by her looks. Sue was a Chinese national and somewhat sexy with her plastic breast. She was fair skinned and had a complexion that was as smooth as silk. FH was 48 and Sue was 26 years of age.
FH was a fierce lover and extremely choosy with the his bed partners. For him, Sue was a special attraction. FH 'worked' his way up to bed with Sue in a matter of days after flying with each other for the first time.
Sue was also a passionate lover but her priority was not to get emotionally involved with anyone. She had a few motives for joining the airlines and one was to make as much money as possible using her sexy body to lure any man who could afford to pay her for her 'services'. The other motive was to acquire a Singapore PR.
FH was a gambler. He loved betting on horses and footballs. Getting married and sex was usually not in his mind. He loved the thrill of winning on whatever he gambled on. He needed the adrenaline that pumped his heart everyday,without which he would have felt listless and lethargic.
At one stage,FH lost so badly in gambling that he became indebted. He owed banks,finance companies,loan sharks and colleagues by the hundred of thousands.
Then he met Sue. They both became intimate and one day,Sue suggested to FH that if he were to marry her,she would "present" him $100k. All she wanted was to get a Singapore PR and what a better way than to "marry" FH. There was a condition imposed by Sue and that was ,they would not be living under one roof for she needed"privacy". She needed to service her male clients . FH agreed to the condition.
They approached the registry of marriage in Singapore. There were some complications in their case for Sue was married in China. Sue,at first told FH not to tell the marriage registry about her marital status.
Afraid of being prosecuted by the law if found out to be lying,FH refused to co-operate with Sue.
In the end,Sue came back from China with documents from the "relevant" authorities in China,stating she was a divorcee.
The Singapore marriage registry refused to recognised the documents as legal and that resulted in Sue being unable to "marry" FH.
On failing to get married,Sue asked FH to return the 100k he took from her.
Meanwhile,FH had used Sue's money to settle part of his debts.
There were frequent quarrels and fights between the two.
One day, Sue wrote to the CEO of SIA accusing FH of cheating her of her money. FH was eventually sacked from be continued


Anonymous said...

Heard China stewardesses are unscrupulous and vindictive.

Anonymous said...

As usual with 99% of mainland chinese.

Anonymous said...

Come come you Singaporean Chinese are worst.