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Sunday, 17 June 2007

Lily's Obsession.(repost)

Lily did not have a normal upbringing.She was an abandoned child and the age of 1,she was adopted by a Chinese family. Lily is half Indian and half Chinese with long fluffy black hair. She was quite fair skinned and looked more like a Bollywood actress than an SIA stewardess. Sexy and seductive were the words to described her. She was stunningly gorgeous with 36-24-36 figure of a Miss Universe.
Lily spoke fluent Hokkien and Cantonese as well as English and Malay.She picked up her Chinese dialects from her adopted family.
At the age of 18, Lily joined SIA as a stewardess. The stewardesses interview was a breeze for her as she could charmed the interviewers.
Nothing much was known about this charming Lily because she adopted a low profile in the airlines. After flying for about 10 years, Lily was promoted to the Chief Stewardess position ( the lady in the red kebaya).
As a CSs ( chief stewardess), Lily became notorious and was hard on her subordinates. She often made slaves out of her crew, screaming and sometimes would slap the younger girls. Complaints were lodged but often, the cabin crew management would dismissed them as frivolous. To them, Lily was a "company's girl "who had worked hard through the years. She was also very charming to her seniors as well as her passengers.
Lily was kinder to the stewards,especially the new young ones.However,there was one condition. The new stewards( at least 1 on most flights) would have to "bunk" in with her during the nightstops and helped her with her shoppings.
She often gave the excuse that the hotel rooms were haunted and she was afraid to sleep alone.
Once in her room, she would begin seducing the guys with the usual " let me shower first and then we will go out for our meals". While showering, Lily would deliberately leave her bathroom door slightly ajar. Well ,one can guess what her young steward colleague was likely to do. Some would gladly and hurriedly stripped and dashed into the shower even before Lily could turned on on the taps. Others, would be too nervous to do anything but sit out the whole shower session, listening to Lily croaking away her favourite Whitney Huston' s songs ( I am not sure what were the titles of the songs because I was never there.....too old to be invited lah).
Those nervous stewards would be forced to toast with Lily ,with numerous rounds of her favourite Black Label Whisky ( she usually "offload" drinks from the aircraft bar). If, inspite of the drinks, the stewards would still not make a move, Lily would brand these guys as useless "chow are kuar" (gays in Hokkien)and their lives on board the flight would be nightmares.
Lily has since ended her contract with SIA and immigrated to the States(USA).

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Anonymous said...

was Lily hot?

Anonymous said...

U bet! but i never got to try that chilly padi..hehehe