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Monday, 11 June 2007

SIA is after me?

But why? What have I done to SIA. I didn't smear my beloved ex employer and in fact I did some advertisement work for SIA on my blog here...ok read the following which was extracted from 2 serving SIA staff during our skype chat:

[6/7/2007 9:04:02 PM] CutePop says: hi
[6/7/2007 9:04:26 PM] CutePop says: you got to be more careful on the publisher
[6/7/2007 9:04:44 PM] CutePop says: it might be a trick to find out who you are
[6/7/2007 9:05:30 PM] CutePop says: I heard from SIA top management that they know your blog

[6/8/2007 10:04:22 PM] CindyTi says: Uncle Boh Tong,SIA is going to sue you,that is what the talk now in the airline


Anonymous said...

sheesh! They're so rude!!
what did Uncle do??
Can't understand what these people are thinking.. !! ><

Gold88 said...

I don't think so. SIA is a world leading airline. It has customers from all over the world. If it sue, most caucasians won't be too happy as they might think SIA is restrictive and limit freedom of speech. Then, they won't patronise SIA as I doubt they support an airline that like sueing people just for mentioning their name in blog and limit freedom of speech. If its true they want to sue, then I don't think they have foresight lor. Business is important. Yes freedom of speech comes with responsibility. Hey but who is saint? Adultery, gambling happens in various industries, not in airline what.Moreover, he didn't use the real person's name Let treat this as an entertainment blog with some moral lessons that Uncle Boh Tong hope his readers learn.

BT (ex-SIA CREW ) said...

Geez I got visitors defending me n that's nice.Thxns Susie and Gold88.Ya I just hope nobody sue me but then if they want to,I can't stop them. Aiya sue sue lah cos uncle is old and penniless and will declare as bankrupt lor.

Anonymous said...

Gold88 thumbs up for you bcause this is an entertaining blog not involving real names of crew.
SIA has got better things to do than to pick on an old man who is out to cheer people up with some stories. BT keep on blogging bcause you hve a fantastic blog.

Anonymous said...

Hahhah BT,

U need lawyers anytime, just say so... no need charge... hahhahah I wont let them bully you thats for sure...hahahhah
Forces of the unknown is stronger than asses that got booted!~