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Monday, 4 June 2007

Steward Vandalised Crew Executive's Car

This guy called Hoe was a frustrated flight steward who was not promoted for a number of years.In the airline,he behaved like a thug and many crew were afraid of him. He carried out the service on board the flight the way he wanted it.
On one flight he defied a female inflight supervisor's order and threatened her he would skin her alive.
The IFSs reported her to the company but under union's pressure,the company let Hoe off the hook.It became a habit for Hoe to defy the seniors order and each time he was let off.
It was on a cool winter night at Dubai airport when Hoe got in from a flight from Singapore. At the same time, Jr the cabin crew executive was also at Dubai airport leaving for a flight to London. They met each other and as a matter of duty, Jr advised Hoe to stop chewing gum and button up his uniform jacket.Hoe refused and there was nothing the CCE could do then except to report the matter to the office after the flight.
Hoe was subsequently called up by the office and warned by his ward leader,another CCE for his poor behaviour at Dubai airport.
Immediately after the warning, Hoe went and confronted Jr in the office. He shouted at Jr and threatened him with bodily harm. However,in spite of being provoked by Hoe,Jr remained cool and composed.
Jr invited Hoe to an unoccupied office and told Hoe that they could discuss the matter there. Hoe accepted the invitation and went to the office.
Jr was a cool kind of CCE,in his early forties. He was a prison officer before joining the airlines and had handled rough and tough prisoners. The prisoners had high regard as well as reverence for Jr. He was an efficient and tough officer but because of the higher pay in the airlines,he left the prison service to be a steward.
So this young steward Hoe didn't know who he was dealing with. When he entered the office,he started using expletives on Jr and threatened bodily harm again. Before he could opened his mouth to use another swear word at Jr,Hoe was floored to the ground with one hard punch in the stomach from Jr. Hoe was shocked and in pain and ran out of the office. He hopped onto his motor bike and scooted off.
Two days later, Jr found his car sprayed with paint remover. There wasn't any evidence to pinpoint Hoe as the culprit but deep down,Jr knew it was Hoe who had vandalised his old Mercedes continue

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