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Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Steward Vandalised Crew Executive's Car (2)

Jr reported the matter to the director of cabin crew about the threats made by Hoe and vandalism of his Mercedes. On the advice of DCC,Jr made a police report. DCC had also instructed his managers to set up a disclipinary inquiry and sacked Hoe if was found guilty of the allegations.
When Hoe received the letter informing him of the DI,he panicked. He desperately tried to contact Jr and asked him to squash the matter. He pleaded with Jr and asked for forgiveness. Hoe was willing to compensate Jr for the damages done to his car.
Hoe was the breadwinner of the house. He had an aged mother and a house mortgage to pay. Besides,he was planning to get married to a stewardess and without a job,it was unimaginable,he explained to Jr. His fiancee was supposed to quit from SIA and pursue her studies overseas.
Jr. was a gentleman and very compassionate indeed.He made an appointment with DCC and brought Hoe to see him and his managers. After listening to Hoe's plea,DCC asked Jr whether he wanted to proceed with the DI. Jr. knew Hoe's chances of keeping his steward job was zero after the inquiry. Threatening a colleague,let alone a superior with bodily harm would result in a sack. In that respect,Jr told DCC that he would prefer to let Hoe off with just a warning and in return,Hoe promised he would never give any trouble again.
A few years later, when a chief steward was arrested in Sydney for trying to smuggle drugs,Hoe abruptly resigned from SIA. Hoe claimed he won $1 million from gambling in Las Vegas.
Today,Hoe is a bankrupt working at Sim Lim Tower selling computer games softwares.

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