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Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Strange behaviour of a trainee

Rose was behaving strangely from the very first day of her training,her trainer Jim noticed. She was not sociable and did not mix or chat with the other trainees in the class.
The first day was always the day of excitement for all trainees,whether they be guys or girls. That's the day they got to know the staff,trainer,the entire cabin crew setup etc. By morning tea-break,all the trainees in the class averaging twenty in all,would be familiar with each other.

After tea,the girls were back in the classroom,chatting noisily away with each other...but not Rose. She was absolutely quiet and nervous. When asked to do a self introduction of herself,she could only managed with a few sentences of singlish,much to the amazement of her classmates.

Rose had a poor command of the English language and did not have a cut of a stewardess. She was sloppy in her dressing and even dozed off on the first day of class when her trainer Jim was giving a talk about the management hierarchy in Singapore Airlines.

A few days later a fellow trainee pointed out to Jim that at the stewardess interview,she remembered clearly Rose was a chatty and friendly person. Her spoken English was good but now in the classroom,Rose was a different girl.

Another class girl also reported to Jim that she too remembered Rose to be a bubbly and talkative girl and they sat next to each other in the same bus on their way home.
It was strange according to this trainee that Rose could not remember her now,let alone the conversation they had and the bus ride.

Jim noticed that Rose not only had body odour but bad breath too.This was also an observation of the fellow trainees. Rose had armpits full of unplucked hair and to make matter worse,she liked to wear sleeveless blouses to the class.

Jim repeated spoke to Rose about her weaknesses and tried to help her but to no avail.
Rose did badly in her studies and failed her basic examinations repeatedly and was asked to leave.

There was speculation among the trainees that Rose had a twin sister and had stand-in for Rose during the stewardess interview.

Was there a loophole in the interview process?...did the interview clerks really always have a good look at the candidate's face and compare to her photo in her identity card?....hmmmm maybe they did huh. Perhaps,Rose had a dual personality and the bad one took control of her being while she was undergoing her stewardess training.

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