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Saturday, 2 June 2007

The Tokyo Ginza Trap ..continues...(5)

The lustful encounters between Ruben,Jason and Miki went on for almost six months. The two stewards were rostered for Tokyo night stops once in every six weeks or so,seperately most of the time.
Each time any of the guys was in Tokyo they would meet up with Miki and shared the usual passion for hot sex,alcohol and almost anything bad.
On one of his stops in Tokyo,Ruben was encouraged by Miki to start a business,"importing" Rolex watches from Singapore which was duty free and sell them in Japan for more than double the price.
Jason was invited to join in the deal. A contact in Singapore would hand the stewards the Rolex watches and they would smuggled them through customs and pass them on to Miki. She would then get her contacts in Japan and disposed the watches.
The Rolex watches were in great demand in Japan and because of the high duty imposed on them,these watches cost a fortune.The stewards would be paid about S$1,000 per watch they brought into Tokyo and at any one time,they would bring in about ten.
It was very good money for these two guys because the airlines paid them a take home salary of about S$1,000 per month.
The transaction went on for a while and there were times when Ruben and Jason would take their free tickets provided by the airlines and travelled to Tokyo.
In all, Ruben and Jason "earned" enough money to buy themselves a house each in Singapore.
Then suddenly, the Singapore Rolex supplier stopped contacting the two stewards. No one knew what had happened.
On the Japan side, Miki could not be contacted. Miki had almost suddenly vanished. The two stewards went to look for Miki at the Ginza bar a few times but were told that Miki had been kidnapped by the North Korean spies.
The loss in the Singapore contact and disappearance of Miki remains a mystery to this day.


Anonymous said...

huh? uncle bohtong, u mean it juz ends like that? i thought there would be a big big trap at the end of the story as u titled the entry...bleah...

Anonymous said...

wanna go on but someone told me not too otherwise will get Jason who is stll working in just cut short the story.

Anonymous said...

sigh... so sad.. bleah..........=(