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Thursday, 28 June 2007

Trainer Jim and his girls

During the session on "How to address your first and business class passengers",Jim told the class of new stewardesses the way to address a married couple for example by the surname of Lim,was Mr and Mrs Lim. If they have a child travelling with them, it would be appropriate to address him as Master.
The trainees nodded with understanding and when Jim asked one of the trainees how would she address the Bates family,her reply was Mr Bates and Mrs Bates. "Correct" replied Jim and he asked another trainee how would she address the son who was travelling with Mr and Mrs Bates,her reply was "Master Bates"..Oops!

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Anonymous said...

Funneee, this used to be one of those circulated LITTLE JOHNNY jokes with the teacher asking Little Johnny this same it got transformed into a Cabin Crew trainee a wonder :)