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Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Anne,the calender girl...continued here.

Naturally,Aaron was brokrenhearted. He didn't realised Anne was having an affair with Wilfred and the news shocked him. Aaron attempted suicide on a number of occasions.

Meanwhile, Wilfred had swindled a foreign bank in Singapore to the tune of US$10 million( we could not verified the actual figure) and fled with Anne to Taiwan at first and later ended up in the USA.

Anne and Wil now had the means to spend real big. After leaving Taiwan,they headed for Las vegas. Wil gambled like mad and against all odds, made a fortune on the Black Jack table.

How Wil won money on the tables was anyone guest. Did he cheat the casinos? We don't really have the answers. He could have cos he was a cheat too.
After being tired of Vegas,the couple moved to San Fanscisco and started a business there. The business lost money and the Mafia,with whom Wil had done business with was all out to get their money back. There was a time when the Mafia people went to Wilfred's office and sprayed bullets to scare him off.
Finally,the money matters with the Mafia was settled and the couple left for Brazil to seek refuge from the Laws here,in Singapore.

Today,Wilfred is old and sickly and Anne had left him for a younger man.

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