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Monday, 23 July 2007

Classic lies the crew told

  • An Indian Fss took several days of mc (medical leave),went back to India and not only attended her friend's wedding but be a bridesmaid as well.
  • Another Indian girl took mc in Delhi where she night stopped,extended her stay by 2 nights and invited her relatives and friends to party in her hotel room ( expenses like meal allowances,night stop allowances,hotel room bill for the extra 2 nights paid by the company)
  • A few Indian Fss bought mc from bogus doctors in India and some got away with it while others were discovered by the company.
  • One Indian trainee who couldn't cope with the training in S'pore came up with the story that her mother had a heart attack in Delhi,begged the bosses and left for home,never to return again. Bond couldn't be recovered by SIA.
  • Mcs were taken on the pretext of being sick or unable to work due to menstruation at overseas stations were common. The best part was these crew were paid extra allowances ( In Europe it could amount to US$100 a day) and the co. foot the hotel bill for the extra days stay ( about US$ 200 a day in London for example). Moreover,consulting a doctor at outstations is very expensive and the " poor " rich company paid for it.
  • A Chinese Fss took more than a week mc in Beijing and went for an abortion.
  • Another one took mc to get married back home.
  • One married Chinese fss lied to the ROM(registry of marriage)in Singapore that she was single and wanted to register her marriage with my ex colleague. Our ROM officers were suspicious and refused to marry them. ( Purpose of getting married to a Singaporean was a shortcut to obtaining Singapore permanent residence).
  • An Indonesian fss absconded from her stewardess post with a domestic airline and got a job with SIA ( she was under bond at that time with the domestic airline).
  • A flight from Cairns (SIA has since stopped flying to Cairns)flew back with a shortage of 2 fss because they fell "sick" and had 2 days of mc.Their boy friends were in Cairns to "care" for them...again all expenses paid for by the company.
  • A steward was caught issuing himself with mc and forging company's doctor signatures. He stole a booklet of mc from the clinic.
  • At least 5 crew were sacked when they were caught illegally transporting goods to Jakarta for a local company in Singapore. ( A local co. called "House of C..." was under investigation from IRAS for tax evasion and officers discovered the "transaction").
  • Smuggling? Quite a number of crew had been apprehended by the authorities. Please refer to my earlier entries.
  • There many more cases but I think what I have mentioned will sufficed for the time being.

Of course,the above were only those cases that came to my mind this morning.There were many more cases of lies and abuses by some of the crew.

I believe SIA had rectified and tied up most of the loopholes to reduced the above from happening.

However,please,please note the above are only a fraction of the 7,000 cabin crew SIA has. I would say 90% of the cabin crew are honest, conscientious and loyal employees which include the Chinese,Indonesian and all other foreign crew.


Anonymous said...

Why r u onli writing abt the bad thgs of the crew? Like u said its onli a fraction so there r more gd thgs abt them that u can rite...

Anonymous said...

Good things like dont take many mc,work hard,look after family etc u tell me who wants to read all these??
Life is such la ppl wants to know the juicy things hehehe
BT :)

Anonymous said...

and beh write all her juicy things for other to laugh at her. hahahaha

Anonymous said...

beh n company r nothing but pathetic ppl lookg for attention on the net la..they make themselves a luffing stock..FOOLS!!

Anonymous said...

BT, you hit the nail on the head! If your readers want to read "good things" send them to my blog. Readership is low for "good things". BL

Anonymous said...

Life comes before work.

Substitute the company sia with "your company here" and all the above excuses to every other country if people can get away with it.

I'm not condoning all i have read above but.....

Do not forget that people from all countries will do whatever they can to get time off for their wedding.
Which means maybe SIA or their partners company would not give them time off to get married... maybe.

Life comes before work. Remember that when you are dying of cancer and your company does not visit you in hospital, hopefully if you got married then maybe your partner will be there.

I for one know that i would rather happily have an extra 2 weeks holidays each year at the expense of that lost income.

Life comes before work....

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that most companies will not allow the extra 2 weeks off in exchange for having 2 weeks pay deducted over the year.

Thats because COMPANIES are nearly always all about PROFIT.


Anonymous said...

if a fss wants to quit but is under bond with the co any idea how much would she have to sheel out if she breaks the bond

Anonymous said...

Breaking the bond would cost the fss to pay about 16k initially but pro-rated latter on.