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Thursday, 12 July 2007

David's strange girlfriend

David was just an ordinary flight steward,humble and reserved sort. He started flying when he was barely 21,just completed his college education. Being paid $2,500 a month as a flight steward wasn't that bad a salary. He could hardly get a job that paid him $2,000 a month outside of his flying job. So being a cabin crew was all he looked for. Besides,the good pay,David was entitled to perks like free tickets to everywhere the airlines flew to every year, bonuses,free transport to work and back,stayed in 5 star hotel during his layover at outstations.
On a flight back to S'pore from Australia,while serving beverages during the meal service,David accidentally spilled coffee onto a lady passenger's dress. David panic and apologised profusely to Dolly and wiped her dress with a towel.The spot where the coffee had spilled was somewhere on Dolly's thigh. While,David was wiping Dolly's dress,she was quietly enjoying the soft touches of David's on her thigh. She could smell the sweet peppermint breath and the shampoo on David's hair and boy,Dolly was sexually thrilled.
Dolly had never felt like this before, this kind of reassuring and sensuous feeling that David gave her. Was it love at first sight or was it lust at first touch? Dolly couldn't understand but one thing for sure,her pantie was soaking wet.
To David,as he was cleaning the spot on Dolly's dress,he too felt sexually aroused. Why not? A young man who's imagination sometimes would run wild now imagined he was caressing a stunningly beautiful lady passenger's thigh in his hotel bed.
This caressing and cleaning job went on for a good 3 mins and not before an air turbulence sent David crashing onto Dolly's arms. Again it was a "bonus" to David to fall onto a lady passenger welcoming arms.
The air turbulence was so bad that the capt. came on the PA and ordered the cabin crew to suspend the meal service and grab the nearest seat to them and fastened in.
It was another golden opportunity for David to be seated next to Dolly and she didn't mind at all.
David and Dolly started to get acquainted with with each other and by the time the air turbulence had ceased and time for David to get back to work,they both had exchanged their phone numbers.
A few days after that flight,Dolly and David met each other at a cafe in S'pore for lunch after which they adjourned to David's apartment.
After a couple of drinks,David and Dolly were in each other's arm,kissing and stripping each other off their clothes. From the sofa in the living room,David carried the naked Dolly to his bed. They made love like never before and David discovered Dolly to be an excellent lover.In fact,Dolly was so experienced in love making that he could make the young David hold back his urge to ejaculated prematurely. Their love making went on for almost an hour. Dolly had multiple orgasm and it was so satisfying.Dolly then skilfully made David ejaculate and with that both of them fell asleep on David's bed.
David and Dolly became a nice compatible couple and were planning to get engaged in a couple of months. Yes Dolly was a little older than David,perhaps by 2 to 3 years.
Meanwhile after 2 months of courtship,Dolly moved into David's apartment.They were a loving couple,much to the envy of their neighbours and fellow crew members.

One day when David was cleaning his apartment he found a strand of a man's grey hair on his other room pillow. He became suspicious as there was no man friend or relative of his ever stay at his place. All kinds of thoughts filled his suspicious mind. He was not at home most of the time due to his job. David spent at the most 15 days in a month, at home. Dolly occupied the apartment all the time except that when she was working during the daytime as a "sales girl" at some clothing shop.

David decided that he would not confront Dolly over the matter and as usual kept his cool and be as nice to Dolly as before.

A few days after David's discovery,he decided to hire a private detective to find out more about Dolly's movement especially when he was away on a flight.
It didn't come as a surprise when the private detective reported to David about Dolly's activities.
She was seen bringing back men to their apartment,one at a time almost everyday and night,reported the private eye.These men were mostly in their 40s and 50s and looked quite well off,driving Mercedes,BMWs and Jaguars
Finally,the day came when David could not take it anymore and so confronted Dolly over the matter.
When David confronted Dolly,she kept silent all the time and in between sobs,she confessed she was a prostitute. She pleaded with David to forgive her and not to leave her for she knew she did the wrong thing.
Dolly in between tears told David of her poor paralysed aged mother who could not support her two other siblings.
Dolly as an elder child had to shoulder the responsibility of supporting the family and putting the younger siblings through colleges. Her father had died when she was a child and her mother had worked hard as a washerwoman to help the family. A few years ago, Dolly's mother suffered a stroke and became paralysed.
Dolly did not have much education and hence could not get a good paying job.Her assets were her beautiful sexy body and a pretty face and she was good at what she was doing. There were many proposals from her rich middle age clients who were willing to keep her as their mistresses. She would have had been paid anywhere from 10k to 20k a month by just being a mistress and quitting her profession. But she refused all that because she did not want to belong to any man except David.

David after listening to Dolly's explanation believed her story and decided to carry on their relationship.
How David wished he could help Dolly financially so she could quit whatever she was doing but he could not as he too was drawing a salary that was barely enough to help her aged jobless and penniless parents.
Dolly asked David to let her carry on her work for the next two years until all of her siblings had graduated from their colleges. David consented and they continued their relationship as though nothing had happened.
After Dolly's siblings had graduated and started working,Dolly kept her promise to David and left her job as a prostitute.
Today,David and Dolly are happily married with 3 kids and have settled down in Australia, running a little sandwich joint of their own.


Anonymous said...

Uncle Bohtong, the website is going to be porn site if these kind of trash continues to be posted.

Anonymous said...

Aiyo yo sorry la anonymous this is no porn site I can assure u.Be patient lor and wait for the rest of the story ok?

Anonymous said...

Ya man i think ur the one who is fantasizing or what? For an old man ur vry frisky...Very lame dont cook up such stories leh!!

Anonymous said...

What is the matter with you people? Here, there is this man BT trying to blog to entertain and if object to his posts then you should buzz dirty crude people who have no decent respect for an old man like BT.
Keep blogging BT coz there people like me who loves your blog.Thanks a million and I salute you BT!

Anonymous said...

Onli suckers like u guys enjoy such lame jaded made up stories like wat BT wrote u go read playboy btr lah...BT hvg second childhood but getg hornier!!..LOL

Anonymous said...

Uncle BT , ignore all these shallow , bored , sickening ppl out there who are just plain jealous of you or have other personal agendas of their own to demotivate you.

Remember there are all kinds of people in this planet and you cannot please them all , no matter how hard you try. So don't get upset with them. No use.

Continue what you enjoy doing as long as you don't kill , rob , rape or do any harm. If your conscience is clear , go for it. You can never get rid of these ass holes.Period !

Matahari said...

Uncle BT

Do what you think is right. There will always be people out there who will criticise you , mock at you , discourage you etc ...

I agree with the statment. If your conscience is clear and you harm no one , go for it !

You live in this world for yourself not for others ! All the best :)

BT said...

Wow what an encouragement from Matahari and the one above(anonymous)? Thank U thank U all..those critics(dont know whether out of envy or what)just broke my old weak heart into pcs,calling me names and all sorts.Shld I delete those comments or just them stay? I always believe in free speech but it must come with ownership and responsibilties...well ??

Anonymous said...

Did I hear Porn? Porn many many sites... but this is def. not porn... heehee its as safe as not the

BT I am here don't worry will support you.

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