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Friday, 13 July 2007

The Gingseng Girls of South Korea.

In the late 1960s and 70s,South Korea was ruled by marshal law.The regime was a no nonsense and restrictive one and few of its citizen could have easy access to exit visa which was required to travel overseas.
When the our airlines stop at Seoul,the capital of South Korea,the crew would spend a few nights there.

It was boomtime for the male crew to stop in Seoul.The Korean girls were as pretty as ever,with beautiful soft silken tofu liked skin.Many of the Korean girls were friendly with the male crew,especially the ones at the ginseng shops.

To pick up a Korean girl,one only had to visit the gingseng shops and on the pretext of buying gingseng,could date them out.

The trick was to bring these gingseng girls out for a late dinner,bring them back to the hotel rooms and for sure they would spend the night with you.
Why would they sleep in your hotel room with you? The reason was,the nightly military curfew would start from 12 midnight and no one was allowed to on the street until after 6 am.

Besides, the Korean girls,in those days looked for foreign husbands.By marrying foreingers,they could travel out of the reculsive nation and see the other side of the world. They could also settled down in the countries where their husbands were from.

The stewards and pilots from our airlines were in great demand in South Korea at that time.
Today, with full democracy in South Korea,the present young Korean girls are different from their 1960s and 70s counterparts. We do not know what are they looking for these days,certainly not our stewards or pilots. Marrying a foreigner is no big deal nowadays because they have the liberty like all democratic countries,to travel anywhere they want to without an exit visa.


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